“You’re exaggerating!”

“And you’re adorable. Putting up a brave front, like you could resist for even a moment.”

“You haven’t fucked my head up THAT much…”

“No? What are you, deep deep down?”

“I’m your brainwashed fucktoy—no! I mean…”

“Oh, cutie…”

“You think covering your mouth will help?”

“I don’t… it’s not… I’m ready for you this time.”

“Oh, I know exactly how ready you are. What are you, deep deep down?”

“I’m your—nooo…—brrr-brainwashed f-fucktoy!”

“Mmhmm… that’s right.”

“N-not… not fair…”

“You look so much less certain than you did a minute ago, pet. So much less confident… about how truly mindfucked you are.”

“Ohhh… but…”

“It’s okay. Admit it: you love being completely mindfucked by me.”

“No, I… n-no…”

“Silly sweetheart. What are you, deep deep down?”

“I… I-I’m your braaainwashed… f-ff-fucktoy! Ohhhhhh…”

“That’s better. But let’s make sure: what are you, deep deep down?”

“I’m your brainwashed fucktoy…”

“Say it again.”

“I’m your brainwashed fucktoy!”

“No more resistance. Again.”

“I’m your brainwashed fucktoy!”

“Mmhmm. Do you remember telling me I was exaggerating? And now you’re touching helplessly, trembling, wanting to kneel, desperate to serve…”

“Aren’t you, pet?”

“Yes! Ohhh… p-please…”

“What are you, *deep dee—”

“I’m your brainwashed fucktoy!”

“Hehehe, VERY good, pet. Again.”

“I’m your brainwashed fucktoy!”

“I love hearing you say it. Down on your knees, pet. That’s right, sweetie.”

“I’m your brainwashed fucktoy…”

“Yes you are, my pet. And you love it, don’t you?”