Author’s note: This fantasy courtesy of a thing I imagined doing with some friends of mine…

“Isn’t she beautiful?”

“Yes… s-she’s very beautiful.”

“And you can see she’s so deeply hypnotized.”

“Y-yes. Yes, she is…”

“Totally mindless. Blissfully blank.”

“I can… mmm, I can see that.”

“She’s posed, on her knees, simply for my pleasure.”


“She can’t even hear us right now. But with a word, I could have her repeating the mantra you heard before.”

“I… Yes. That’s… it’s very hot… how controlled she is.”

“Yes. She’s very controlled. She’s under complete control.”

“Complete control… mmm…”

“Yes. And you’d like to be under control too, wouldn’t you?

“I can see how glazed your eyes have gotten.

“I can see how much you want to be just like my pet, here.

“Kneeling, naked, posed, collared, mindless.

“Obedient. Hypnotized. Enslaved.

“…Isn’t she?”


“And you want to be too, don’t you?”

“I… I… Y-yes…”

“Good. Sleep.”

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