Useful kinky things I found elsewhere on the web.

Learn Hypnokink

A great new introductory site by sleepingirl and Gleeful Abandon.

Sugarcunt's Dom Lessons

This is a great blog post, blessedly compiling a set of tweet threads, containing a lot of great wisdom on being a top. Bookmarking this to refer to in my own adventures.

What is erotic hypnosis? Inside the misunderstood world of ‘hypno kink’

A good article, which quotes several people from the community. Bookmarking this to help explain my kink to people when the need arises.

The subhead is actually pretty darn accurate: "Hypnosis is real, but not the way you think it is." 😂

Mental Block Wiki

I was chatting on Discord and brought up the old Hypnosis In Media site, and someone mentioned this wiki. Glad to see someone's keeping the dream alive for the next generation of hypno-kinksters... Bookmarked for future reference.

How do I (erotically) hypnotize others? - HypnoDolls

A solid primer and overview for getting into erotic hypnosis on the reals. By Lex of Entrancement. Posted on Tumblr, so hopefully it sticks around!

This is by no means a new post, but I came across it again today, and wanted to bookmark it for future reference.

@binaural-histolog consistently posts excellent things on their tumblr, and they've also made a move to an indie site. I recently saw a link to this excellent guide of theirs on Discord, and wanted to bookmark for my own reference.