Favourite Stories

To be organized... at some point. Stories I’ve enjoyed, and/or inspire my own writing.

By Jukebox

  • The Joker: Great little piece of betrayal with a twist: Person uses Hypnotist to ensnare Friend for Person’s enjoyment, but it turns out Person has, unbeknownst to them, been under the Hypnotist’s control all along.
  • Jawbreaker: More nice betrayal tropes. Two people under mind control try to save each other from it... but the person they ultimately trust ends up enslaving them both. Jukebox does a great job doing, in a couple thousand words, what trilby else does so well in much, much longer stories... which makes Juke such a keeper for when you just want a quick taste.
  • Drain You: This is a femdom piece I keep coming back to, because of how well it represents the victim’s internal state as he loses all control... also the trope of “is this real, or just a fantasy...?”
  • Don’t Speak: A simple maledom piece I’ve come back to a lot, because almost the entire thing takes place in the victim’s head (sensing a theme here yet?) as she gradually loses confidence that she can resist the hypnotic control.

By trilby else

  • Hive: This story, and a particular scene inside it, must hold the distinction of the EMC I’ve re-read the most, for almost twenty years. Again, a story that takes place almost entirely in the victim’s head as her resistance is slowly, insidiously corrupted.
  • Giveaway: Another story where I’ve revisited a particular scene dozens of times, because it’s just peak mind control erotica for me. trilby does such an exceptional job of worldbuilding here, as elsewhere, that I’m always left as jealous as a writer as I am aroused as a reader.
  • Outcall: This is, as far as I can tell, trilby’s most recent story, sadly never finished (Chapter 6 ends with To Be Continued...), but what’s there is so fucking erotic, especially the first couple chapters where the main character finds the line between roleplaying hypnotic surrender and actually experiencing it getting hopelessly blurred.
  • Loveknot: Great premise here, of an investigator getting sucked into the thing they’re investigating. Goes too dark for me in a couple places, as some of trilby’s stories do, but this one gets faved specifically for the scene where the protagonist watches a therapist hypnotize one of her patients, as an innocent demonstration. “Watcher of hypnosis ends up hypnotized, too (and/or was the real target all along...)” is one of my top 3 favourite hypnosis tropes, and this is a delicious example of it.

By Tabico

  • Sub Routine: This has always been a favourite of mine. Like trilby else, Tabico is so good at creating worlds in which hypnotic mind control is a real and present danger, and the characters accept that fact and struggle to avoid becoming its victims. This makes it so easy to suspend your disbelief and experience the thrill alongside the characters as they fight and fail and succumb to their fate. I love the opening of this story so much I wrote a blog post about it.

By Assorted Authors

  • The Amazing Bullgrin: This is a pretty silly Evil Stage Hypnotist story, but it’s stuck with me for years, for two reasons: It was one of the very first EMC stories I ever read, and “Person in the audience at stage hypnosis show is unexpectedly hypnotized, ends up part of the show, and is surreptitously programmed to obey the hypnotist later on” is one of my very favourite tropes (though badly in need of a more concise name). This story is full of all the classic hypnosis stuff that formed the foundation of my fetish.
  • Watching the Show: There’s just something about this story (probably its quiet reference to “Mr. Daniel’s” hypnosis site—I wonder if that still exists?). It’s short and simple, and the protagonist never really realizes they’re steadily falling under the club owner’s control. This could be a much longer story, but doesn’t really need to be. It’s just a hot progression of scenes, EMC stripped to its essential core.