Archives — My Stuff From Elsewhere

This page collects things I made in other times, on other sites, even under other names.

Tweet Archive

This is an archive of the best things I tweeted on @mindlevelzero between 2020–2023, when — like Tumblr back in 2018 — the site started to go rapidly downhill. Enjoy this stream of mostly random kinky thoughts, stories, and ideas!

Tumblr: So You Wanna Be Brainwashed

Back when my main kinky social space was Tumblr, I decided I wanted a side blog where I posted more explicit, more dominant, pornier image captions. Since that's a type of content that was very popular on Tumblr, the side blog rapidly rivaled my main blog in terms of followers.

Of course, once Tumblr said "fuck off and die" to adult content, this side blog became untenable. I pulled a backup of it, though, and now it's reproduced here!

Ancient Fucking History: Libertine’s Erotic Fiction

I’d forgotten this existed: it’s a repository of stories and brief ‘flash fiction’ vignettes I originally posted, under a different name and a goddamned decade ago, on the EMCSA and Apparently I collected them on an ASSTR page, too.

A couple still feel clever. A couple make me laugh. A couple make me want to slam my head against my kitchen counter until all sensation has gone, never to return.