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Aug 12 2016
sywbb // comments
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Let’s discuss that word, blank. Blank.

Your mind is happy, blank and empty.

It represents so many things to some of us.

Your body relaxes as your mind goes blank.

To some it’s a feeling of peace and total relief.

More and more blank as you sink deeper and deeper.

To others, it carries the thrill of utter, helpless submission.

Blink and go blank, blink and go blank.

It can happen slowly.

And as you breathe and relax, every deep, easy breath lets your mind go blank.

Or in a marvellous instant.

When I snap my fingers, your mind goes blank.

It feels good to be blank as you listen and obey.

As you watch the watch, each swing blanks your thoughts.

Knowing that the more blank you can get, the more deeply controlled you are.

The last of your thoughts are pulled into the spiral, leaving you totally blank.

You can be a blank bimbo Barbie doll.

You can become a blank brainless robot drone.

You can be a blank, empty sex object.

You can surrender to someone you trust, your mind perfectly blank.

Your mind is happy, blank and empty.

Brainwashing is good for you.

Blank, now. You’ve become so blank. Wonderfully blank.