Charmed! 2020 Con Log - Sunday

Jan 19 2020
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Last day of the con, and it was great. Got to hang out with some friends I’ve made, met some new people, and, indeed, practiced hypnosis (both sides) with someone. That’ll do for a first con experience, quite nicely. :)

Had dinner with some lovely folks, and might actually go to bed at a semi-normal time tonight. Tomorrow is gonna be a LONG day, and I’m anxious about the thirty-fucking-minute connection I have on the flight home (how the FUCK did I plan that?? 🤦🏻‍♂️)... but fingers crossed, and one thing at a time: hopefully I’ll see if not also play with some of my new friends in the morning, and the trip home will go smoothly.

Regardless, I plan to do this hypno con thing some more. 😄

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