Charmed! 2020 Log - Thursday

Jan 16 2020
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The desire to avoid eye contact, to hide in my hotel room, is real. Can you relate? It's not totally unexpected, if for no other reason than it was a long, typically brutal day of air travel.

I'm grateful that Alizabeth and sfhypno were not only arriving in Baltimore the same time as me, but we were on the same plane from SF! I was glad to meet them, share a Lyft and a meal, and have some people I can talk to without the social overhead of penetrating a clique... or just introducing myself without a badge. I think registering and volunteering tomorrow will make a big difference in my ability to connect with my fellow con-goers (hat tip to past me; that's a big reason I volunteered. 😏)

Now I'd best try to sleep; it's late, but my body has no idea what time it is. That's what happens when you wake up at 2AM and spend the whole day flying across three time zones...

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