Nov 1 2019
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I almost posted this on Tumblr first. Then I thought better of it.

No one reads the Terms of Service, do they? And no one who writes Terms of Service believes that the millions of people who obediently feed the work of their creative imagination into the machine read the Terms of Service, do they?

But the Terms of Service exist. And they are the lever by which you will, at a moment’s notice, lose everything you’ve built.

To wit, this email I got from SoundCloud 2 days ago:

We are writing to you today to let you know that your account has been permanently removed on the grounds of being dedicated to violating our Terms of Use and Community Guidelines for being pornographic.

I should get “Dedicated to Violating” tattooed on my neck in Blackletter. 😏

ANYWAY, this doesn’t come as a surprise, given what’s happened to others lately, and it’s fortunate that I just made this page: Recordings

👆🏼Once I find a new place to host the files, you'll be able to listen to my recordings right there.

Don't ever forget, kinky people: your online presence exists only as long as the platforms you build on tolerate it.

So let's build our own fucking platforms.

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