It felt strangely natural, being on display.

Chloe hadn’t done anything like this before, she was pretty sure of it; modelling lingerie for a room full of strangers—men and women—all staring intently at her body, whispering to each other. She was sure that, if she tried hard enough, she could remember a time when this would have made her intensely uncomfortable. She would have run for the exit, if the white room even had one. She at least would have covered herself up.

But, no. That was wrong. She belonged on display. She turned slightly. Her hips first, then her head, then her eyes. She kept her gaze above and beyond the seated crowd, as she knew she must. She wasn’t there to look, she was there to be looked at.

She belonged on display. Like merchandise in a shop window. It felt perfectly natural.

Chloe could feel their gaze, the hunger in it, and she ran her hand along her thigh. Intuitively, she knew what they saw: a blonde doll. A sex object. If she tried, she thought she might remember a time when she wouldn’t have liked being thought of that way.

But trying was so difficult. Whenever Chloe tried to remember things, she remembered to forget. That was a strange phrase. It didn’t make sense, yet it kept appearing in her mind, whenever she…

She realized it was time to turn now, and show them her backside. Chloe spun smoothly and effortlessly, arching her back. It felt perfectly natural. She belonged on display.