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“Like this, Mistress?”

“Oooh… just like that.”

Shoshanna’s soft hands moved in smooth, slow circles over Megan’s breasts, the supple flesh warm and growing warmer under her fingers. Megan leaned back against her slave’s neck and shut her eyes, letting her body relax and the stress of the day wash away form her.

“Thank you for letting me massage your perfection, Mistress.” Shoshanna’s voice was slow and dreamy, the adoring chant of the deeply hypnotized. She was by far Megan’s most successful subject yet. Running a hypnotherapy practice gave the statuesque woman not only an outlet for her natural charisma, but a steady supply of suggestible men and women. And, every once in a while, one in particular would entice her to let the boundaries of professional ethics slip away…

“God, that feels good. You’re such a good girl, Shoshanna. Every circle brings you deeper for me. Deeper.”

Megan could feel how slow and rhythmic her slave’s breathing already was, propped up on the girl’s chest. Her skilled hands moved in time with her breath, fingers finding all the right places, but always returning to Megan’s tits, orbiting the perfect globes like a satellite held in thrall by the gravity of its superior. And Megan always held her subjects in thrall, her beauty and raw sexuality complementing her well-trained hypnotic abilities. Shoshanna had barely even tried to resist as Megan seduced her into an embrace, and then a kiss, and then…

“I live only to please you, Mistress. Deeper.”

Megan sighed, her nipples stiffening as Shoshanna stroked them. Yes. Always deeper. It felt so good…

“So good, slave. So good to serve me like this. To touch my body. To worship and obey.”

“Yes, Mistress,” the slave’s voice was soft and toneless, lulling Megan as much has her touch did, stoking the slow throb of arousal that seemed to hold her heavy body in place, in time with her slow breathing, in perfect sync now with that of her slave. “Worship and obey.”

Megan sighed. Her eyes felt so heavy. Her body felt so heavy, so good. It seemed like she was weightless, now, Shoshanna’s body disappearing except for her hands, those wonderful hands, circling around and around…

“Around and around, Mistress. Deeper and deeper.”

“Mmm… slave. Deeper and deeper…” Megan was mumbling, not sure where her train of thought had gone, dissolving in pleasure. Shoshanna’s hands always felt so good on her body, on her breasts, so perfectly, lusciously big and heavy. They were what had truly captured Shoshanna’s attention, had truly left her helpless to resist Megan’s control. So big, so heavy… too heavy to resist, Megan remembered…

“Too heavy to think, Mistress… Deeper and deeper…”

Deeper and deeper. Too heavy to think. It felt too good to think, with her slave rubbing her perfect breasts, around and around, deepening her control. Deepening. Always deeper. Yes.