Oh, God, it was good… but… was this really what she wanted? When Becky—no, it was Becki, now, with an I—when her roommate came home with two big pink shopping bags and it was clear she’d worn the glossy spike heels she only owned as a joke out in the rain, that’s when Tess knew the programming was actually working.

It had seemed ridiculous, the idea of this subliminal gizmo she’d downloaded instructions for from the internet actually, you know, making her roomie into a lesbian bimbo. It was the stuff of late-night fantasies enjoyed by candlelight with Tess’s one hand over her mouth to muffle the sounds she made while her other hand swirled in her soaking panties.

But “Turn any girl into your brainless slut!” was just too silly and, secretly, too sexy an idea to pass up. And anyway, Becky—no, she was Becki, definitely Becki from now on—would never know. If it didn’t work, well, there was no indication that Tess had done anything but put a bluetooth speaker in Becki’s room. And if it did… well, “if” didn’t seem so applicable, anymore.

“Ohmagawwwd, Tessie!” Becki had squealed when Tess emerged from her room, bathrobe-clad, to see her roommate come back from her shopping spree. “You look, like, sooooo delish!” There hadn’t been time to ask questions like “have you been feeling okay lately, Becki? Have you noticed anything different about yourself?”

Tess wondered these things, and yet it was very hard to care about the answers when she was naked, pressed against her bed, with Becki’s pink-tipped fingers stroking and exploring her body, Becki’s hot, wet, needy figure pressing hers down, Becki’s luscious, lovely, oh god, her lips eating Tess’s mouth alive and promising she’d eat so much more in just a second…

Her roommate used to be less concerned with clothes than with the tech startup she’d co-founded. And Tess could never have imagined Becky in earrings that could get caught on her surroundings. The experiment had definitely worked, and now, wherever Becky had gone, Tess hoped she was happy there. She now shared an apartment with Becki, and Becki seemed to be as hot and wet and lusty and eager a sex kitten as Tess could ever have fantasized into existence.

But what had actually happened to the woman? How could a simple sound-producing whatchamacallit completely change her personality? And make her want to jump Tess every time their eyes met? And forget how to check the email on her phone, let alone program computers?

Tess had so many questions, and, to be honest, she should probably have been a little worried. But Becky—oh, God, Becki—just felt so fucking good.