Picking This My-Own-Site Thing Back Up, and Handling Reblogs

Oct 26 2019
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Like every other bold idea I've ever had, probably, the whole from now on I'm using my own site instead of tumblr thing ran out of steam. I have still been using tumblr, which is mostly fine, except for the arbitrary obliteration of "adult" content (I can still see shit-tons of hot fucking on all kinds of blogs, but over time posts in my archive have been getting flagged).

I've been getting a jones to work on this here "indie" site of mine again, using that as the home base for hypnokink content I create, and then syndicating that to tumblr, and/or elsewhere (I still have a BDSMlr page, but haven't logged into that site in ages—as of this writing, I'm only assuming it even still exists 😜).

One thing occurred to me, especially considering the archive of all of my tumblr posts that I've maintained on my site: when I reblog people's posts on tumblr, it is not clear that they would be okay with me pulling those posts out of tumblr and putting them on the public internet. I will grant you that my little site has no reach—no one knows about it—and is unlikely to become a viral sensation anytime soon. But, nevertheless, people posted a thing on tumblr with the understanding that it was then bound inside of tumblr's garden, for better or worse; meaning that, for example, it could be restricted by the adult flag, or require a tumblr login to view.

Taking those posts and putting a public URL on them seems... wrong, at least without the explicit consent of the the poster.

So my current thinking is that I'm going to exclude reblogs from my "indie" site unless I have the OP's permission to put them there. Things I reblog will just stay inside of tumblr, and things I make will go on the "indie" site and then get syndicated on tumblr.

If you're asking, "why do I care about this?", fair enough; I'm merely sharing my thought process in case this topic—how to break out of a content "silo"—is as important to you as it is to me. If so, let's talk about it. I'd be happy to see more of the EMC/hypno community move to the open web, in whatever way, shape, or form it can.