“Professor, it’s just… I don’t think these lessons are—are working.”

Aurora shifted in the chair uneasily. The way her thighs rubbed together was distracting; probably because she had no panties on. She was almost sure she’d been wearing panties—and blue jeans, for that matter—when she’d arrived in Professor Johnson’s office at the end of classes, but since then everything seemed fuzzy. The blinds were drawn, and she couldn’t tell if it was even still light outside. It seemed like she’d been here a long time.

The professor got up from behind his long oaken desk with a sigh, walked around and leaned back against it. From this vantage point he was very close to Aurora, and she could see the tent in his slacks, and that seemed very inappropriate, but nonetheless she felt drawn to him, like a snake drawn by a snake-charmer… it felt right and natural to slide down on her knees and lean forward, and—

She shook her head, trying to clear it. “Professor! I… please, I don’t know what’s coming over me.”

Her mouth was watering. There was this image in the back of her mind trying to assert itself, and it made her very uncomfortable. She just didn’t know where it came from: her, naked, on her knees right here in front of Professor Johnson’s desk, sucking his dick.

That was twisted, right? I mean, sure, it was nice of him to offer to give her extra help in his class—when a paper she’d written inexplicably attracted a C, she wanted to understand what she’d done wrong, and he’d offered to tutor her.

But she didn’t remember agreeing to show up at his office every day at the end of classes, that seemed a little excessive. She was pretty sure she used to do other stuff after school, not come up here, and… and… and have porno fantasies about her professor!

She squirmed in her seat as Professor Johnson just leaned against his desk, motionless, watching her struggle. Why couldn’t she get these perverse thoughts out of her head?

Bending over the desk as he fucked her from behind, lying on the desk and knocking papers and his computer aside so he could climb on top and drill her, dropping down between cars in the parking lot so campus security wouldn’t catch them… It was so weird to be sitting here having these hot, hot fantasies while she was supposed to be learning about… about… whatever the Professor’s class was.

Fuck, it was so hard to think!

The feeling of her nipples rubbing against her tight top didn’t help either—wait, where did her bra go? Had she taken it off before, or had she just not worn one, or what?

Everything was so hazy and confusing, and Professor Johnson was just watching her expectantly, and she finally tore her glassy gaze from his crotch to look up at his face, and whimpered,


“Poor thing,” the professor said, finally, with a condescending look. “It’s all so confusing, isn’t it, Aurora?”

“Yes, sir,” she nodded, wishing she could even remember the topic they were supposed to be discussing, the topic she was having so much trouble with.

Professor Johnson reached into his trouser pocket and pulled out a little clear crystal on a chain. He held it up between them, the pendant dangling between Aurora’s gaze and his erection. Her eyes locked on the crystal as it swung gently in circles, and she leaned forward in her chair. Aurora vaguely thought she had seen the crystal before, but her mind was already going pleasantly blank.

“No need for confusion, my dear,” the professor chided. “No need to think.”

“No need…” Aurora parroted, “to think…”

“That’s right,” the Professor said, stepping away from the desk, and holding the crystal at just the right height. “Down on your knees, now, love. You know what to do.”

“Yes… Professor…” Aurora did know what to do, and the clarity of purpose was such a relief after racking her befuddled brains for so long. She slid gracefully to her knees, letting her hands settle in her lap, and rolled her eyes almost all the way back so she could see the crystal without bending her neck. It kept spinning in its little circles, and Aurora’s mind spun with it. Spun down deep into the obedient hypnotic trance that every lesson was training her to enter more easily.