Reverse Psychology

Jul 11 2020
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Content Notes: Contains a “covert-ish” hypnotic induction, suggestions of submission to my voice, and physical arousal. Includes a suggestion that you may find this file—or my voice in general—more and more hypnotic over time / with repeated listens. I’ve tried to stress clearly that this suggestion is *optional*, and it’s entirely up to you whether it affects you or not. Still, take note. File ends with an awakener.

Audience Notes: No references are made to the gender, anatomy, or sexuality of the listener.

This file is all about how I’m not going to hypnotize you into a deep, obedient trance—putting your mind completely under my control—even if that’s what you’d like to have happen to you. I mean, come on. Don’t be silly...

❤️ Thanks to Mistress Zaida1 for the phrase, “Accept my suggestions, follow my instructions, obey my commands.”

❤️ Thanks to @MeltedMaiden and her Mind Maiden’s Mesmerizing Soundscapes for the backing SFX in this file!

Originally recorded: July 11, 2020

  1. Who doesn’t seem to be around anymore, sadly; that’s a Wayback Machine link, because her site no longer exists... 😭