So You’re Saying, What? That You Can Control Minds?

Nov 29 2018
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“So you’re saying, what? That you can control minds?”

“Heh, no! C’mon, silly. We all know hypnotism doesn’t work like that, I can’t just tell you you’re getting sleepy and then you’ll do whatever I say.”

“Otherwise I guess the first person to learn hypnosis would rule the world, eh?” She grinned at him.

“Exactly. And it’s not even that hard to learn, I just read a couple books, studied stuff on the internet...”

“Oh, now you’re modest. What’s this you were telling me about being the world’s greatest hypnotist, hmm?”

“Well. I do have lots of practice. And it’s important to project confidence when you’re going to hypnotize someone. It helps the subject relax and accept all my suggestions. You found it very easy to relax and accept all my suggestions, didn’t you?”

She nodded, “Yes... I found it very easy to relax and accept all your suggestions.” She looked a little confused, but he offered a soothing smile.

“That’s right. And now you find it very easy to let your heavy eyelids droop closed again.”

“Yes, I... very easy to... heavy... closed... a-wait, again?”

“That’s right. Back to sleep now.”

“Yes... Sleep now...” She drooped gently against the arm of the sofa. It was so comfortable, she’d forgotten all about the hours and hours she’d spent lying on it, listening to his voice.

“That’s my good girl. And in a moment, when I snap my fingers, you’ll awaken once more. And this time, you will notice that you’ve stripped down to your undies, and you’ll realize that means you want to give me a very sexy lap dance...”

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