The Morning (Wood) After

Nov 4 2019
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David realized he was awake when he noticed the familiar sensation of tightness in his boxer briefs. He’d been dreaming about… something, it was already beyond his reach, and he sighed. It seemed too early to be awake, from the light; he’d probably woken before his alarm went off again. That was the worst. He didn’t want to get up, but knew he’d just be drifting back to sleep when it would ring and jerk him back out.

He shifted, and his cock throbbed against the fabric. Anyway, trying to get back to sleep with a stiffy was always a losing battle.

Morning wood, David thought, the least-welcome erection. He reached under the covers and shifted the boxers down over his hips, letting it spring free. Usually if he could just keep it from touching anything—his underwear, the sheets—the spontaneous cockstand would go away in a few minutes and he could fall back to sleep. Yeah. It was the weekend anyway, and he’d been out pretty late the night before. Sleeping in was just what the doctor ordered. He slid the boxers down to a comfortable position on his thighs, and rolled over to the right, his hand brushing against the thick blonde hair of the woman who was sleeping next to him, snoring softly—

What the fuck??

David slammed his mouth shut before the yell could escape. He’d been lying in bed with a woman this whole time??

Who the hell was she? Had they…?

Fuck, where had he been last night, anyway?

He remembered getting out of a cab, helping someone else out… that must have been her. And the cab was taking them home from… a bar? No, it was more like a show of some kind: round tables, spotlights, a stage… and they’d been there late, like, after everyone else had gone, and he remembered how lovely she’d looked, sitting in the spotlight, her hair gleaming and her big green eyes open wide as she watched the show intently, and her smooth shoulders exposed by her dress…

David hadn’t drawn his hand away, his knuckles were lying against her back, feeling the warmth of her soft skin as she breathed deeply in sleep. She seemed as undressed as he was, but he had no memory of sex the previous night; just cab, then bed, then awake… David forced his thoughts back in time, back to the show.

Where had they been before? A drink at a bar up the block, that’s where they’d met. She’d walked in the door and he’d been seated already, he’d liked her smile, friendly hug… nice to meet you in person, they’d both said, and laughed, because they’d…

That was it: they’d swiped right on each other. Maia, 27—That same sparkling smile and those big green eyes with the sun streaming down on her face on a ski hill somewhere.

Maia! Of course. That’s wild: how could he have forgotten? The brain did funny things in the morning. And… well, it was a little funny they’d gone back to his place and shared a bed after the first date, yet they hadn’t gone any further.

Had they? David was sure he’d have remembered.

Anyway… here she was in bed with him, soft and warm and beautifully naked. His erection wasn’t going anywhere, after all. His urge was to snuggle up behind her, put his arm around her body and pull her into him… but, well, he didn’t recall where they’d left it. If they’d gone straight to sleep after their first date, they were either more exhausted than made any sense from a simple night out, drunk as fuck—which he certainly would have felt the morning after—or…

Well. Sex wasn’t in the cards yet. David considered that, smiling at his predicament. Sorry, buddy, he mentally addressed his dick as it twitched again, Wrong place, wrong time. He settled on the pillow, admiring the early light playing on Maia’s hair, and soon his eyes were getting heavy again.

David drifted back off to sleep, cockstand notwithstanding.

Maia woke up and realized she’d been drooling in her sleep. She felt the wetness where her cheek lay on the pillow. She groaned, annoyed; this seemed to happen whenever she stayed up late, she had no idea why.

She turned away from the wet spot, reaching up to wipe her face, and her hand touched… something. It was warm, and soft, and it was connected to the gentle snoring sound that was—


Maia’s whole body jerked in reflexive alarm, but she managed not to cry out. Her heart was suddenly pounding, and if she’d been at any risk of falling back to sleep ten seconds ago, that risk was long gone. She turned her head to the left and stared wide-eyed at the oblivious face of the handsome guy snoozing right next to her.

…David, right? The name floated in a bubble, strangely devoid of context.

What was David doing in her bed?

Wait. Maia glanced around the room. Wrong light. Windows in the wrong places. Not her bed—this was his bed.

What was she doing in David’s bed??

She crinkled her brow, trying to remember. The previous night was unreasonably hazy, like the times when you stop counting how many you’ve had and when the barman suggests another it just seems like a great idea, and you don’t quite remember how you got home but are just glad you did it safely… but she hadn’t fucked up that badly since she was, what? Nineteen?

No, they hadn’t been drinking, but they… Had she fucked him last night? Maia’s eyes widened, and she bit her lip to stifle a laugh. She couldn’t even remember! What the fuck?!

But she was pretty sure they hadn’t. She was in her panties, the rest of her clothes were probably on the floor… she hoped. But there’s no way she’d totally blank on sex. They must have just gone to bed together. After… what?

Maia remembered spotlights, and someone sitting down at their table, asking if they could join the couple, and the two of them agreed, which was weird if they were on a date. Someone else was… mopping the floor? They must have stayed at this place past closing time. That would explain being out so late, after… what, some kind of show?

Half a giggle escaped before Maia bit her tongue, not wanting to wake David. This was ridiculous! Why was her memory so fuzzy? Had she been… like, drugged, or something? Fuck, she didn’t know. Didn’t seem right. She didn’t remember even ordering a drink after that first one at the bar where they’d met…

Ah, right, they’d met on the app first, and texted, and David had pretty quickly asked her if she wanted to get a drink. She liked that; so many dudes just texted forever and never went for it, and, half as a joke and half to see how easy-going this guy was, she’d suggested they have the drink at Hopper’s and then go down the street to… oh!

Right, the hypnosis show.

Maia rolled her eyes, and laughed at herself internally: what, had she been hypnotized to forget the whole evening?

She lay there and looked at David. His eyes were gently closed and his lips parted as he uttered the occasional snore. She smiled, wanting to kiss him. Why hadn’t they done anything last night? She shifted her body a little closer, not wanting to disturb him… and then she felt it, stiff and warm against her leg. Maia stifled another laugh, just barely.

Oh my god… he’s hard!

She bit her lip. She just… she had to take a look.

Carefully, carefully, she pulled the blanket down, exposing their naked torsos. David snorted; she froze, watching him carefully, but he didn’t wake up. She held the blanket up like a tent and peered underneath.

There it was. This mystery man’s cock. It was at full attention, sticking out to the side and away from his body, quivering slightly with each breath. Maia realized she was staring, and her breathing had fallen into time with its movement.

She was breathing in time with David, wasn’t that funny?

She did feel funny, sort of like she was sleepy, or already asleep, and dreaming, and… she couldn’t seem to look away from his cock.

On the contrary, she needed to move closer. She huddled under the blanket, still trying not to disturb her sleeping bedmate, and she slowly reached out—what am I doing this is so strange—and slid her free hand around the base of his cock.

Gently, gently… David exhaled and murmured slightly as she gave it one feather-light, careful stroke.

She couldn’t look away to see if he was awake, but his slow, steady breathing continued. And hers, in time. She wasn’t thinking about waking David up anymore, she could only think about his cock.

In her mouth.

She had to have it in her mouth, and she kept maneuvering herself under the sheets, closer and closer. It was so strange how she needed his cock in her mouth and she couldn’t look away until her eyes practically crossed, and then she felt the head against her lips and her eyes slid shut and she was sucking and it was so good she moaned “mfffffffft” as she swallowed his entire length, slurped her way back up the shaft, let it pop out, and stroked the slick member once with her hand before going down on it even more eagerly.

Holy fuck that felt good.

It was so… satisfying! Maia had never sucked a dick like this before.

David’s head was swirling with conflicting sensations: the heavy fog of sleep, the tatters of whatever dream he’d been having, both dissolving in the face of the intense wet heat throbbing up from his…

He opened his eyes, confused. He’d rolled onto his back, he guessed, because he was looking at the ceiling, and the girl who’d been lying next to him (Maia, you dimwit) was between his legs, giving him the most completely eager blowjob he’d ever had.

It felt incredible; the sensations of her mouth, how complete her focus was, her lips and tongue slithering up and down his shaft, her hands on his thighs, grasping him almost desperately. He had pulled himself up on his elbows so he could watch, and he felt like he should… say something? But his mind was a blank, just watching Maia’s pretty blonde head bob up and down, so eager she was fucking moaning, the sound muffled by the smacking of her lips against his cock.

Fuck, this was so good.

David dropped back onto his pillow and just melted into the pleasure. He realized Maia was trying to say something as she sucked him off. He’d thought she was just moaning—maybe to tease him or maybe this just really got her off, he hoped it was both—but now he realized there was something rhythmic and repetitive about the way she went, “Mmmfff mmm, Mmmfff mmm, Mmmfff mmm…” over and over.

It was a funny thought to occur to him at that moment, that she was chanting something into his cock while she went down on him, but the idea wouldn’t leave his mind. He found himself staring through the ceiling, into space, his body feeling strangely weightless and heavy at the same time, all feeling focused entirely in his stiff member, and he realized what they both had to repeat:

“Must fuck…

“Must fuck…

“Must fuck. Must fuck. Must fuck. Must…”

That was it. It felt so correct. David did need to fuck, he needed to be inside Maia like he’d never needed anything except food or water. He realized his hands were on her head, tangled in her thick hair, and he gently pulled her away from his cock. Maia seemed to understand immediately, for she was chanting “Must fuck, Must fuck, Must fuck” at exactly the same time as he was.

She stood up on her knees and stretched out her back, and David’s mouth watered at the sight of her nipples, flushed dark and erect with arousal. Neither of them seemed able to stop the mantra, even as Maia climbed up his body and lowered herself onto him. They were both so slick and wet at that point that there was practically no resistance—and then she was riding him, faster and faster, eagerly, desperately, and all David could do was watch her lovely tits bounce and squeeze her hips and hang on for the ride.

Maia had never fucked like this before, but at the moment she couldn’t remember any other sexual experience: the only thing in the world was David inside of her, thrusting his hips underneath her, moving her own body so that his cock would touch the right places inside her.

She was still chanting, “Must fuck, Must fuck, Must fuck,” and so was David, perfectly in time with one another, perfectly in tune, they were so perfect together, like nothing else ever could be; but Maia wasn’t even aware of the sound, her eyes were wide and glazed and fixed on David’s.

And David’s eyes were wide and glazed and fixed on hers. She fell into them, and fell, and fell, and fell.

There was nothing but sex and pleasure and her thoughts and memories had gone to a dark quiet place where she knew they’d be safe while she focused on the only thing that mattered.

“Must! Fuck! Must! Fuck!” They were both almost screaming in ecstasy now, as David found himself holding back his orgasm for just the right moment… it wasn’t easy; his balls were tight, he could feel the electric sensation running up and down his shaft, he was so close to exploding… but something in his moronically-focused mind knew this wasn’t the right moment. He had to wait, he had to wait for…

“Mussssst FUUUUUUCK!” Maia screamed as she came, and David bellowed in unison, triggered by her orgasm. The knowledge that the other was being overwhelmed only deepened their pleasure, only prolonged their release, and soon the carefully measured mantra they’d been chanting dissolved into pure noise.

Ears ringing, bodies throbbing, David and Maia looked at each other as though just waking up, mouths working as their brains slowly produced the same words.

They both said it at once, matter-of-factly: “The Great Mesmero controls our minds.”

Maia’s brow wrinkled up, and David could tell he was wearing the same expression. “What the fuck?” he said.

Maia lay down alongside him, curling against the curve of his body. “The Great Who? Why did we… say that?”

David looked at her, running his fingers absentmindedly through her shaggy hair. “I have no fuckin’ clue…”

Maia tried to think about it, about how weird the whole situation was, but she was unaccountably sleepy even given the mindblowing sex they’d just had. David’s fingers in her hair and the sound of his breathing as she lay against him were hitting her like NyQuil. She cuddled closer to him, kissing his chest as she surrendered to the blanket of sleep rolling over her.

David saw Maia fading almost in mid-sentence, and realized how heavy and tired he was as well. He had so many questions—so much of the last twelve hours didn’t make any sense—but it was so hard to think about it, so hard to care. Maia was snuggled against him and her breathing was already deep and rhythmic, inviting him to join her, and soon David couldn’t even lift his head from the pillow to admire her any longer.

His eyes fluttered shut, and both lovers dropped into deep and forgetful sleep.

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