The World She Left Behind

May 16 2015
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“That world? Out there?”

“Yes. The one you left behind, for me. Does it still entice you?”

“...It’s pretty, you know. The sunset, I mean.”

“You’re pretty. Beautiful, actually. Perfect. Seeing you like this... I couldn’t resist you.”

“That’s funny. And then you asked me to look into your eyes, and then I couldn’t resist you, either.”

“That’s right.”

“And now... what did you ask me?”

“That world, out there. The beautiful, wide world. For you, it would give you anything. Anything you wanted.”


“And I asked, does it still entice you?”



“No. Come here, Miss, please. Stand next to me, so we can watch the sunset.”

“So this means...”

“You said the world would give me anything I wanted, Miss. Well. It gave me you.”

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