What Were You Doing on My Computer Just Now?

Wed 20 November 2019
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“Oh! I-I’m sorry, Mister Webster! I was just… I was… um…”

From the looks of it, you were trying to do something on my computer, Miss Dodson. But what are you doing on the desk?

“I… I’m so sorry! I don’t know what came over me, I just… I should get down…”

I wasn’t complaining, Marigold. You look very nice up there. I’m especially appreciating your reflection.

“Mister Webster! Really! I don’t think… um… I don’t… you-you are?”

Yes. But I’m a little worried about you, Mari. You seem a little fuzzy-headed. What were you doing on my computer just now, before I came in?

“Ohhhh, I… I don’t think I should… should say.”

And why not?

“I might… get in trouble…”

That’s the price you pay for getting caught, Mari. Now, spill.

“Y-yes, sir. I was… going to copy some files, the, um, the client files on the Ajax account. I was going to… to send them… I, um…”

Mari, I need you to focus. The way you’re swaying your hips is very fetching, but there will be plenty of time for that later. To whom were you going to send the files?

“I’m s-sorry, sir. I don’t know why, my head, s’fuzzy, and… gonna be in trouble…”

Mari, be honest: are you thinking about me spanking that lovely backside of yours?

“Y-yes, sir. You’re going to… to p-punish me.”

Punish you, Mari?

“P-punish me, sir… p-please?”

If you want to be punished, Mari, you must first do as you’re told, like a good girl. Now, look at me, and focus what remains of your thoughts.

You came into my office, intending to steal the Ajax account files and deliver them to someone. To whom were you going to send them?

“Um, it was… B-Barnsdale, sir.”

Ajax’s main competitor, the Barnsdale Group?

“That’s right, sir. Yes, sir.”

I’ll need to know exactly who contacted you, and when. But there’s time for that later, Mari, once my defence mechanisms have worn off a bit.

“D-defence… m-mecha… s-sir?”

Yes, Mari. You tried to open a file you weren’t supposed to touch, and then the screen started flashing, didn’t it?

“The sssscreeen….? Y-yes… s-sir…. the screen…”

You looked deep into the spiralling, fascinating patterns, didn’t you, Mari?

“Deeeep… patternsss…. yesss… sssirrrr…”

That’s right. And the patterns put your mind to sleep, and changed the way it thinks.

“My mind… asleep… yes… sir…”

Good girl. And now you’re eager to do whatever I tell you, aren’t you, pet?

“Ohhh… yes, sir… I’m… I’m a good… good girl…. good pet… deserve to be…. punished.”

Of course, Mari. You’ve proven perfectly malleable, and that will be useful when it’s time to teach whoever-it-was at Barnsdale a lesson. You’ll make a very convincing double agent.

“Yes, sir… I’ll make a very convincing double agent, sir. Whatever you desire.”

Right now, I desire to give you what you so eagerly deserve. Move the mouse and everything aside, Mari. Put your face down on the desk, stick that adorable ass in the air, and we’ll get started.

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