A Reluctant Hypnotist?

Mar 25 2017
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“So,” Rebecca sat down, smoothing the skirt over her thighs, then crossing one leg over the other, then smoothing her skirt again. “How is this supposed to work?”

Gemma smirked. “You don’t really need to do anything, Becky, and you definitely don’t need to be nervous. Hypnosis is perfectly natural.”

“You keep saying that, hun, but it isn’t making me any less nervous.” Rebecca returned the smile despite herself; Gemma’s grin was infectious, and she’d been infected with it for a long time. But the interest in hypnosis was new—she wondered where Gemma had got the idea.

“Are you gonna swing a pocket watch and tell me I’m getting sleepy?”

“No,” Gemma said, reaching behind her head and unfastening her necklace. The move pressed her breasts against her clingy blouse and Rebecca’s eyes wandered there automatically. She bit her lip. Fuck, her girlfriend was hot.

“I’m going to use this. I know how much you find this necklace... you’re always stealing it from me! So, just focus on it and listen to my voice, ok? That’s all you’ve gotta do.”

Rebecca nodded, still thinking about Gemma’s boobs, and her big pink nipples and how they tasted... The necklace was a thin gold chain with a blue porcelain dolphin at the end, a little trinket Rebecca had bought her in Greece or maybe Italy ages ago when they did their post-college tour of Europe, the year after they’d fallen in love. Rebecca took a deep breath and her smile became softer at the fond memory. 

The dolphin was swaying gently back and forth, carefully lit by the lamp Gemma had positioned just so before Rebecca sat down, and it was easy to watch while she listened to...

“...the sound of my voice,” Gemma said, breathing deeply and rhythmically in an attempt to keep herself calm. She was giddy with excitement to be hypnotizing Rebecca, and even though she’d practiced for days before bringing up the idea, it was difficult to hold onto her confidence now that the moment had arrived. She focused on her girlfriend’s lovely face growing even more angelic as she relaxed, her eyelids starting to quiver and her lips parting, a warm flush climbing her cheeks as she watched the dolphin and gave herself up to Gemma’s induction.

“Your arms and legs feeling heavy now, Becky, heavy and relaxed. Loose and limp. They feel so good...” Rebecca felt like she was melting into the sofa, and it took more effort than she thought it would to speak—she had to try twice, licking her lips, finding even they felt tingly and heavy.

“So heavy... so... relaxed...” Rebecca’s voice was quiet, but it made Gemma’s nipples stand on end. She focused as hard as she could on making her voice even and relaxed, on her breathing, as she said the words she’d practiced over and over, trying not to think too hard about what was going to happen once Rebecca was completely hypnotized. 

“Sleepy... deep... sleep...” Gemma was so turned on, she almost wished Becky hadn’t started echoing her words as she went under. Gemma had fixed her eyes on the dolphin herself so just to avoid being distracted by Becky’s red lips and the way her black hair tumbled across her white skin as her head slumped slightly and her eyes closed, just like Gemma was saying...

“Deeper...” Becky echoed, so faintly Gemma had to strain to hear, “Deeper. So... sleepy... heavy... listen...”

“That’s right,” Gemma said. “That’s good. So good, feels so good to sink for me, down deep into trance, down deep, so heavy...” Gemma’s eyes were watering from focusing so carefully on the dolphin, and her arm was so tired the necklace felt like it weighed pounds instead of ounces. But she couldn’t stop, she had to keep going deeper, had to keep putting Rebecca into hypnosis, putting her beautiful girlfriend to sleep, so she... she couldn’t remember what, couldn’t think about that now, and it didn’t matter, she was just...

“...so sleepy,” Rebecca said, “so heavy, you can’t keep your eyes open a moment longer... they just need to close, close, close all the way down as you go deeeeeep...” Rebecca blinked the sleepiness out of her own eyes and stretched, as quietly as she could, taking the necklace out of Gemma’s limp fingers before it fell to the floor.

“So good, sweetie, you’re doing so good, so deep, deeply asleep for me. Keep going deeper and deeper now, deeper and deeper, down into trance.”

Rebecca stood and took Gemma into her arms. She towered over the other girl, and Gemma curled into her embrace, face nuzzling her breasts. Rebecca smiled and stroked her honey-coloured hair, pushing it aside so she could rub the back of Gemma’s neck; she’d used that to deepen Gemma’s trance so many times she could practically feel the energy leave the girl’s limbs as she took her down.

“And just lie down on the couch for me, now, so deep, sinking in, so comfy, sinking into my voice, into my will, you’re so good at this, Gemma, so good at going into hypnosis for me.” Rebecca brushed the hair off Gemma’s face and listened to her breathing for a moment, then leaned forward and kissed her lips. She was so beautiful like this, and so hers. She’d been delighted when Gemma said she wanted to know what that felt like, to be in control of her totally hypnotized and obedient partner, but it was Rebecca’s idea that she suppress the memories of all their previous hypnotic adventures together.

“You responded so well to your role as the hypnotist, sweetie, do you want to keep playing it out?” Gemma smiled, but there was a touch of anxiousness in her sleepy voice as she said, “Yes.”

“Let me know what’s bothering you, love, and then we’ll play some more.”

“I just... not sure... what to do when you’re hyp-no-tized...”

Rebecca smiled and nuzzled Gemma’s cheek with her nose. Gemma wasn’t used to being on top, of course. Rebecca started stroking Gemma’s breasts through the fabric of her blouse—her girlfriend wasn’t wearing a bra, which was the way Becky liked her—until Gemma was moaning softly and starting to squirm.

“Don’t worry, honey,” Rebecca said, leaning in so her lips just barely touched Gemma’s earlobe, “Sink down deeper for me, and listen, and I’ll give you all sorts of ideas...”

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