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Jul 25 2020
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Microfic: The "Device" was really just a Fleshlight attached to a motorized arm that thrust forward and retracted. That, and a laptop propped on a shelf, web browser open to a GIF of a spiral. Noise-canceling headphones playing a simple mantra over a canned binaural beat.

But the power of …

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Jul 18 2020
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"What's wrong?"

"Well... I'm on my knees..."

"That's true."

"I'm naked."

"Mmhmm, I can see that."

"I'm holding up your pocket watch..."


"I don't remember how I got like this..."

"That's ok. What else?"

"I can't... look away... from the watch."

"No, you can't."

"I can't... can't resist..."

"That's …

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Sticky Notes

Jun 29 2020
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“Don’t you dare!”

It was too late, though; Miranda was already running out the bedroom with a giggle, and Stephen could only enjoy the site of her shapely back as she bounced away from him. He was tangled in the sheets—and still erect from their teasing play—and …

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Each Other's Present

Jan 28 2020
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“Is this… this what you wanted?”

He realized his mouth was hanging open. “I… oh, yes. God. Yes. You’re… so gorgeous.”

She blushed and tried to hide behind the tangles of her hair. She was glad to have the refuge of submission to retreat into, tipping her chin down …

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Writer Unblocked

Jan 5 2020
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Author’s Note: I’m gonna let you in on a little secret: when you can’t think of anything else to write… Write about how you can’t think of anything else to write.

Works every time. 😘

“It sucks.”

“What sucks, babe?”

“It’s like, almost nine already… and …

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Active Listening

Dec 13 2019
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"I need to warn you."


"I'm finding it hard to... I..."

"It's okay, go ahead."

"I can't think."

"You can't think."

"Y-yeah. I can't think."

"I see. That's okay. You don't have to think."

"I don't have to think."

"That's right. Is there... anything else you want to tell …

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Tired Eyes Make a Tired Mind

Dec 11 2019
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“It’s hard to focus when it’s so close!”

“Don’t worry, silly. The point isn’t to focus, the point is to make your eyes tired.”

“Why are my eyes supposed to be tired?”

“Because tired eyes make a tired mind.”

“If you say so…”

“It’s not …

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Better Than Sex

Dec 8 2019
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She remembered the first time she was told, “Kneel.”

It had come as a surprise. They’d been playing around in bed, undressing each other, kissing, toucing; usually a prelude to sex, but this time…


She’d done as she was told. On her knees, on the bed, hands …

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No Thoughts, Just Cock

Nov 30 2019
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“No thoughts,” his voice said over and over in her head, “just cock.”

God, it felt good to be like this. Soft and weak, on her knees like… like a pet, like a… a good girl. She couldn’t seem to think except in words he’d given her. She …

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Gloria on Top

Nov 29 2019
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“That’s right,” Gloria said, passing her hand in front of Kat’s blank, placid face. “Eyes-open sleep.”

Gloria couldn’t believe how beautiful Kat looked like this—naked, soft, warm, and luscious, so deeply hypnotized her big blue eyes were open, seeing nothing, even as her conscious mind was …

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Consensual Momentary Enslavement Induction

Nov 27 2019
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Look, don’t get me wrong. I definitely want to make your brains drip out your cunt, leaving you locked in place on your knees, trembling and obedient, awaiting the snap of Master’s fingers.

But I also want you to be a happy, healthy, independent human being.

So forget …

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Maria Hated Cleaning, But...

Nov 13 2019
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Maria hated cleaning. She’d always hated it, from the time her mother started making her tidy up around the house—“You’re old enough to start contributing around here!”—to when she’d moved out for college and realized if she didn’t keep the dorm room at least …

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Just a Regular Day

Nov 5 2019
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I was running late, so I didn't have time for much more than a peck on the cheek as she handed me my lunch bag. It was the same one she'd bought me when I took the job, ten years ago, and it had more or less the same lunch …

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Brooke Was Waiting for You

Mar 19 2019
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Brooke was waiting for you. It wasn’t a surprise, really, but… well, yeah. It was a surprise. Sure, she’d agreed to spend her day off listening to that recording you made. And you knew she was into the whole idea, the whole “this will brainwash you into my …

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She’d Told Herself She Wasn’t Going to Hide

Dec 14 2018
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She’d told herself she wasn’t going to hide. After all, she wasn’t scared, not exactly; they’d wanted to try new things, and this is what he’d wanted to try. And it’s not that she was scared, that was silly. What he was asking her …

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A Reluctant Hypnotist?

Mar 25 2017
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“So,” Rebecca sat down, smoothing the skirt over her thighs, then crossing one leg over the other, then smoothing her skirt again. “How is this supposed to work?”

Gemma smirked. “You don’t really need to do anything, Becky, and you definitely don’t need to be nervous. Hypnosis is …

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