She’d told herself she wasn’t going to hide. After all, she wasn’t scared, not exactly; they’d wanted to try new things, and this is what he’d wanted to try. And it’s not that she was scared, that was silly. What he was asking her to do was easy. Simple. And harmless, after all.

But the time had come, and she’d put on the outfit she knew was Alan’s favourite, and she’d gotten herself ready, and then… she couldn’t face him.

It was silly. She was being silly, she knew that. Hiding around the corner like she’d hid in her parents’ closet when she didn’t want to take a bath. After the first time, they always knew where to look, but hey, she’d been three. She felt a little like that now, small and silly, and yet…

There was a thrill in being made up like this, with her breasts out on display for him. That was what he’d wanted, after all, and she couldn’t deny she felt sexy. And she could strut right over to him and arch her back and give him exactly what he wanted. So what was she afraid of?

It was maybe just shyness. She felt the heat in her cheeks and remembered how she’d blushed the first time she’d been with a guy. How even though she’d wanted to get naked and climb on top of him as much as he’d wanted that, she couldn’t help the blushing and been so embarrassed she fled the room and ran and hid in the bathroom. Her boyfriend had knocked on the door and said, hey, it’s okay. No rush.

She’d let him in, buried her face in his chest, and they’d squeezed each other, awkward and passionate, and she’d felt the arousal building in both of them until she was lying on the bath mat and he was on top of her…

Remembering how sore her back had been afterward made her smile.

So she had been shy, and her boyfriend had been sweet and decent, and wasn’t that the same now? Wasn’t Alan treating her with the same regard? He’d been embarrassed, too, she knew that, his fantasy had stuck in his throat so hard it took them a few nights (and a few drinks, and a lot of fooling around with their clothes half off) before he could admit it to her. He didn’t push, he didn’t demand, quite the opposite.

She slid her hand between her thighs and pressed against it until little shocks climbed her spine. Her nipples were tight and heavy and she let herself imagine how good it would feel, after she walked over there, to straddle him, how incredibly hard his cock would be, straining, as she made his fantasies come true.

It would feel so good to fuck him just like that, she could imagine the sounds he’d make, the ferocity of their lust for each other…

The curl-into-a-ball feeling had gone. She stepped out from behind the pillar, and cleared her throat. He looked up from his Kindle and saw her, and “holy fuck” nearly made it out of his throat. His eyes locked onto her tits, and she approached with a stride that made them bounce deliciously until they were inches from his face. She swayed slowly side to side, unable to keep from giggling at the way his eyes widened and followed her nipples.

“That’s right, babe,” she said, imagining how stiff his cock was already getting, “you can’t look away.”

“Ohhhh…. Can’t… look away…” Alan sat upright, every inch of his body going rigid. He was already almost drooling.

She bit her lip at how sexy this felt. He was so powerless, she was so in control. She knew it was just a fantasy, his fantasy, but… it was hot.

“You’re… you’re hypnotized by them, aren’t you?”

His jaw hung slack for a few seconds, feebly trying to respond. “Yesssss.”

She ran a hand through his hair, and his eyes rolled back. “Don’t look away!” She said it more forcefully than she’d meant to, but it worked: his eyes snapped back to her breasts, wide and glazed. She remembered how turned on he sounded when he talked about this, about how people looked when they were hypnotized, how helpless.

She was beginning to see what he meant.

“Good boy. All mine. You see nothing but me.”

“Mmmmallyours,” he moaned.

“Keep sinking, sweetie. Deeper for me.” She kept swaying back and forth as she bent to open his fly, pull his trousers and briefs aside.

“Deeper… that’s right. You’re deeply hypnotized.” His cock was just as hard as she’d imagined. She slid into the chair, straddling him. She was dripping.

“All for me, baby… all mine.”