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It Had Been a Person, Once

Mar 9 2020
fiction // 655 words // 3 min read // comments

Author’s Note: Given how dehumanized the contact lenses and lips make her look, a spooky objectification story seemed most appropriate. As I was writing it, I remembered one of my all-time favourite lines in an MC story, from Community by Tabico, and it gave me my ending. Having read …

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Just a Regular Day

Nov 5 2019
fiction // 2,237 words // 10 min read // comments

I was running late, so I didn't have time for much more than a peck on the cheek as she handed me my lunch bag. It was the same one she'd bought me when I took the job, ten years ago, and it had more or less the same lunch …

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The Cold, Empty Hallway Seemed So… Familiar

Feb 17 2019
fiction // comments

As she strutted back down the hall, she ran her hands through her long, dark ponytail. Hadn’t she just done this? The cold, empty hallway seemed so… familiar, like she’d been here before. Recently.

The air was chilly against her tanned skin in every place except where the …

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I Know Her Tits Are Distracting, But...

Jan 19 2019
fiction // comments

I know her tits are distracting, but

What I want you to focus on is how she rotates her hips

Around and around,

Back and forth


The words? Don't worry about that.

Let them fade. Let everything fade.

Trust that your mind is taking in everything important

While you …

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Before She Could Even Sit Down

Dec 13 2018
fiction // 621 words // 3 min read // comments

The trigger was so strong it took her before she could even sit down.

Sitting down would have been a blessing after all day in the stilettos, but she had dressed without thinking and looked in the mirror and almost came with how sexy she looked, how on-display, how perfectly …

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Kallie Blinked as the Cube… Shifted

Dec 13 2018
fiction // 700 words // 3 min read // comments

Author’s Note: Thanks to Kallie, whose reblog and remark inspired this piece. And I have to admit a hat-tip to the unforgettable Tabico’s Sub Routine for influencing the atmosphere and language.

Kallie blinked as the cube… shifted. She’d been working on the strange program for over an …

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You Couldn’t Remember How Long You’d Been Following the Path

May 5 2018
fiction // 579 words // 3 min read // comments

It occurred to you (not for the first time?) that you couldn’t remember how long you’d been following the path. The strange surface was slightly warm beneath your feet (what had happened to your boots?) and you had first assumed from the colour and texture that it was …

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