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Jul 25 2020
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Microfic: The "Device" was really just a Fleshlight attached to a motorized arm that thrust forward and retracted. That, and a laptop propped on a shelf, web browser open to a GIF of a spiral. Noise-canceling headphones playing a simple mantra over a canned binaural beat.

But the power of …

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Jul 18 2020
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“Do you remember what I said about good girls?”

“Yes... you said, ‘Good girls go blank.’”

“That’s right. And you’re my very good girl, aren’t you?”


“So what are you doing?”

“I’m... going... blank...”

“That’s right. Good girl. And what do good girls …

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Let's Discuss That Word, "Blank"

Mar 26 2020
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This is a recording of me reading a caption I wrote on my old So You Wanna Be Brainwashed blog. You can of course see a transcript of what's in this recording at that link—I haven't added anything.

This isn't a hypnotic induction, per se, but it does contain …

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Don’t You Think?

Dec 28 2019
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(Warning: trancey language follows.)

I recommend the following leading question for hypnotic play:

“…don’t you think?”

This is a fascinating spiral, don’t you think?

The eyes of the girl in the mirror look so sleepy, don’t you think?

It’s far too much work to move a …

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Gloria on Top

Nov 29 2019
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“That’s right,” Gloria said, passing her hand in front of Kat’s blank, placid face. “Eyes-open sleep.”

Gloria couldn’t believe how beautiful Kat looked like this—naked, soft, warm, and luscious, so deeply hypnotized her big blue eyes were open, seeing nothing, even as her conscious mind was …

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Droid-girl Ready

Nov 24 2019
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Crystal stirred—had she been asleep? the room was warm and lit by a soft pinkish glow from the edges of the floor and ceiling. There was the deliciously comfortable cot inviting her back into the sexy dreams that were already slithering away from her memory, and there was a …

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For That Matter, What Does ‘Fuckdoll’ Even Mean?

Feb 24 2019
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Author’s Note: I’m into mind-control. People being controlled. I don’t think they belong that way, it’s just a fantasy. So “<gender> is inferior” kink, for any value of <gender>, doesn’t typically get me off. Nonetheless, the idea of people being turned into sex objects does …

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Before She Could Even Sit Down

Dec 13 2018
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The trigger was so strong it took her before she could even sit down.

Sitting down would have been a blessing after all day in the stilettos, but she had dressed without thinking and looked in the mirror and almost came with how sexy she looked, how on-display, how perfectly …

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She Knew the Spell Was Beyond Her...

Dec 8 2018
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She knew the spell was beyond her, and she knew that even reading a spell, focusing on the words with the elevated intent mages used to commit them to memory, was dangerous in and of itself. It was the very first lesson her Master had taught her, drumming it into …

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“Oh! I’m Such a Ditz!”

Dec 1 2018
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“Oh!” Emily stopped mid-step and slapped her forehead. “I’m such a ditz!”

She really thought she’d remembered everything important, but she’d forgotten to suck the Doctor’s dick! That was so silly! She’d remembered to put on the high-heeled boots, and remembered to slip into the …

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Why Was She... Dressed Like This?

Apr 14 2018
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Why was she... dressed like this? It was so hard to think.

“That’s right, up, up over your head. Light as a bird. Floating, drifting, just flying away...”

She felt weird. Dizzy, and, well, sexy. But also like she was half-asleep. She thought she remembered feeling that way a …

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Y-you Found Me?

Feb 21 2016
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“Y-you found me? I… I knew you’d come eventually. Knew you’d figure out where they were taking us, all the girls.”

“It’s been… how long?! I don’t… I don’t know, I guess… I’ve been asleep a lot… I always feel so sleepy. I think …

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