Gloria on Top

Nov 29 2019
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“That’s right,” Gloria said, passing her hand in front of Kat’s blank, placid face. “Eyes-open sleep.”

Gloria couldn’t believe how beautiful Kat looked like this—naked, soft, warm, and luscious, so deeply hypnotized her big blue eyes were open, seeing nothing, even as her conscious mind was so far away, and her subconscious was fixated on Gloria’s every suggestion.

It wasn’t just that she was straddling a beautiful, naked woman that made Gloria squirm, fearsomely aware of the wetness she was streaking across Kat’s bellybutton; it was the power, the feeling of total control of the other woman’s body and mind.

It was so easy to get lost in the fantasies of power, when she had her friend so deeply in trance.

She wanted to touch that smooth cheek, those precious lips… she wanted to pinch and suck and nibble on Kat’s big brown nipples… she wanted to do so many things with her hypnotized thrall that it was paralyzing.

So all Gloria did was sit, and stare at Kat’s beautiful face, and rub her needy slit against that still, perfect body.

“…Gloria?” a sleepy voice said. It took such a long time to realize it was Kat who had spoken. Kat, her hypnotized, mindless pet, whose glittering, empty eyes Gloria had been staring into for—how long? As she’d taken the helpless woman deeper and deeper, deeper and deeper, as she slipped deeper and deeper into…

“Gloria? How are you feeling, honey?”

It took a long time for Gloria to realize she couldn’t really speak to answer Kat’s question, and it took even longer to realize that was strange. Because Kat was hypnotized, not Gloria. Gloria was on top. She was in control. She was…

“Immmm…ssss…” She was barely able to string words together.

“Sleepy?” Kat prompted. Gloria could only nod. The motion caused a little drop of saliva that had been slowly climbing down from her open lips to drip onto Kat’s belly. Gloria twitched at the wetness that splashed against her thigh. But she couldn’t look away from Kat’s eyes. From Kat’s deeply hypnotized eyes… so deeply hypnotized, that she… she was…

So deeply hypnotized.

“It’s ok, Gloria. It’s ok to be so sleepy that you can’t answer. That you can’t think. All you have to do is keep staring into my eyes, sweetie.”

Kat’s hands, which had been lying limp alongside Gloria’s thighs, were stroking those thighs now, warm and firm on her sensitive skin.

Gloria felt like she was melting.

Her pussy was melting, her body was melting, her mind was melting, everything was melting into the couch and into Kat’s warm, delicious body underneath her and into Kat’s deeply hypnotic eyes.

No, that wasn’t right, was it? Deeply… hypnotic?

She was deeply hypnotized, Gloria reminded herself. But just now it was hard to remember which woman was the “she” being referred to.

Had Kat woken up? Had Gloria commanded her to… to do whatever she was doing now? Kat’s hand was stroking Gloria’s sex, and Gloria still couldn’t look away from her eyes, no matter how much she…

“Look at my breasts, Gloria.”

…couldn’t look away from those soft, tanned breasts, those delicious brown nipples. Gloria hoped Kat would tell her to suck on them, or tell her to kiss her way down Kat’s stomach to her pussy, Gloria working her lips worshipfully over her friend’s labia as Kat closed her strong thighs around the deeply hypnotized woman’s empty head, as she fell deeper and deeper…

Gloria realized she was the hypnotized one, now. She tried to focus, to remember how that had happened, but she was too busy wondering whose arousal she could smell, Kat’s or her own. It was getting harder and harder to think about anything but pussy, about anything but obeying Kat and worshiping her luscious body.

She wanted to do so many things with her hypnotic goddess that it was paralyzing.

So all Gloria did was sit, and stare, and rub her needy slit against that still, perfect body.

By the time Kat passed her hand in front of Gloria’s blank, placid face and said, “Eyes-open sleep,” Gloria had forgotten how she’d come to be on top. Or why it had mattered.

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