“Oh! I’m Such a Ditz!”

Dec 1 2018
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“Oh!” Emily stopped mid-step and slapped her forehead. “I’m such a ditz!”

She really thought she’d remembered everything important, but she’d forgotten to suck the Doctor’s dick! That was so silly! She’d remembered to put on the high-heeled boots, and remembered to slip into the tight shiny skirt, and remembered she didn’t need the push-up bra since the Doctor got her the implants. Emily had made the appointment to get her hair another shade lighter, and remembered to do her makeup the way she was told to, and she’d remembered to edge before her appointment so she was wet and fuzzy-headed just the way the Doctor liked her.

She’d done almost everything right, even though every day it was harder to keep track of the list of things the Doctor required her to wear, think, say, and do. It was a good thing she was having sessions daily, now, or her life would be a total mess!

Emily tried to remember how the lapse had happened, but her memory of the session was already fading like it always did when she sashayed out the door of the Doctor’s private office. She’d arrived ten minutes early, like always, and stood outside the office with one hand up her skirt—no sense not getting another edge or two in before the Doctor saw her! And then he’d opened the door and invited her inside. She didn’t really remember what he’d been wearing; her eyes had been glued to his cock the moment she crossed the threshold. And after that of course she’d been bent over the special chair, watching the special video, as the Doctor gave her the fast, hard fucking she so desperately needed.

Emily gazed upwards, slipping her finger into her mouth and sucking blankly as she tried to think. She’d gotten dressed up for the Docker and wet for the Doctor and fucked by the Doctor and slept for the Doctor and obeyed the Doctor… whatever she’d been trying to remember evaporated as she turned and began to walk robotically back to the Doctor’s office. She was getting wet again just as fast as her programmed pussy could, and she knew she needed to suck the Doctor’s dick. She had forgotten why, and that was just fine. It didn’t matter why. After another few sessions, nothing would matter to Emily ever again.

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