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Rosa’s a Robot

Jun 15 2022
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On her last afternoon of mistaking herself for a human, Rosa was out for a run.

She was five miles in, her legs thrumming with delicious fatigue, when she saw the dude staring at her.

Great, she thought. Bet you can’t outrun me, loser.

He didn’t try to …

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Feb 8 2020
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It was almost done, she realized.

Almost done… replacing her.

She’d read all the books, of course. About the singularity, and its proximity. About how, soon, human beings would take the next leap in their evolution—abetted by technology, not biology. That they’d become immortal machines, consciousness represented …

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Droid-girl Ready

Nov 24 2019
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Crystal stirred—had she been asleep? the room was warm and lit by a soft pinkish glow from the edges of the floor and ceiling. There was the deliciously comfortable cot inviting her back into the sexy dreams that were already slithering away from her memory, and there was a …

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She Was Almost Perfect

Nov 17 2019
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It was almost finished. She was almost perfect.

The woman floated in the absolute bliss of silver, silver that ran up and down her spinal column, remaking her inside and out. The shiny, slippery new skin coating and replacing—perfecting—her body tingled with pleasure. Before, in the pink-time she …

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