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Rosa’s a Robot

Jun 15 2022
fiction // 934 words // 4 min read // comments

On her last afternoon of mistaking herself for a human, Rosa was out for a run.

She was five miles in, her legs thrumming with delicious fatigue, when she saw the dude staring at her.

Great, she thought. Bet you can’t outrun me, loser.

He didn’t try to …

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Tweet 1295434657165582337

Aug 17 2020
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"Rough day?"

"Yeah... brain's just scattered. Having a hard time focusing, you know?"

"Sure, I hear you. Poor thing. Lemme rub your shoulders..."

"Mmm, thank you. Feels nice."

"Just take a deep breath.

"That's right, and let it out. Good."

"I'm feeling better already."

"Good! I know you are. But …

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Deep Deep Down

Jul 30 2020
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"You're exaggerating!"

"And you're adorable. Putting up a brave front, like you could resist for even a moment."

"You haven't fucked my head up THAT much..."

"No? What are you, deep deep down?"

"I'm your brainwashed fucktoy—no! I mean..."

"Oh, cutie..."

"You think covering your mouth will help?"

"I …

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Sticky Notes

Jun 29 2020
fiction // 1,942 words // 9 min read // comments

“Don’t you dare!”

It was too late, though; Miranda was already running out the bedroom with a giggle, and Stephen could only enjoy the site of her shapely back as she bounced away from him. He was tangled in the sheets—and still erect from their teasing play—and …

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Mirror, Mirror

Apr 28 2020
fiction // 1,265 words // 6 min read // comments

Inspired by this delightful photomanip by @scifiscribbler

She was disoriented, confused. But you could hardly blame her: waking up in a strange bed, in a strange bedroom… that’d confuse anybody.

She stretched out under the covers, trying to get her bearings. Her head felt fuzzy, more like she was …

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Droid-girl Ready

Nov 24 2019
fiction // comments

Crystal stirred—had she been asleep? the room was warm and lit by a soft pinkish glow from the edges of the floor and ceiling. There was the deliciously comfortable cot inviting her back into the sexy dreams that were already slithering away from her memory, and there was a …

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It Was All Such a Terrible Cliché

Nov 11 2019
fiction // comments

It was all, Sonya reflected, such a terrible cliché.

Of course, no one needs to get a boob job, and no one needs to get lip injections. And, as important as fitness is for your health, no one needs to be spend fifteen hours a week at the gym, maintaining …

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Just a Regular Day

Nov 5 2019
fiction // 2,237 words // 10 min read // comments

I was running late, so I didn't have time for much more than a peck on the cheek as she handed me my lunch bag. It was the same one she'd bought me when I took the job, ten years ago, and it had more or less the same lunch …

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It Was So Hard to Think About Anything

Feb 19 2019
fiction // comments

It was so hard to think about anything.

She was getting used to it, the feeling of his cock hitting the back of her throat, over and over.

There was a quiet tinkling sound in her ears, like distant wind chimes. The sound was so soothing she felt like she …

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