It Was So Hard to Think About Anything

Feb 19 2019
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It was so hard to think about anything.

She was getting used to it, the feeling of his cock hitting the back of her throat, over and over.

There was a quiet tinkling sound in her ears, like distant wind chimes. The sound was so soothing she felt like she could fall asleep.

The rhythm of him fucking her mouth made it so hard to focus.

It was funny to think about falling asleep sucking dick. It was interesting to imagine a throatfuck feeling natural. It felt really good to have his hands warm and firm on her head, so all she had to do was just kneel there as he slid in and out.

All those thoughts were floating in and out of her head, over and over, just like his slick shaft did.

In and out, over and over.

In her head one moment, out the next.

But there was one thing that stuck. It had slipped in through her ears and crowded everything else out of her mind. And when it did that, she knelt down and parted her lips for him. It was the simple little phrase he’d said to her, the one that always made her an obedient suckslut for him.

It felt really good to have the words warm and firm in her head, so all she had to do was just kneel there as everything else slipped in and out.

“Good girl.”

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