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Rosa’s a Robot

Jun 15 2022
fiction // 934 words // 4 min read // comments

On her last afternoon of mistaking herself for a human, Rosa was out for a run.

She was five miles in, her legs thrumming with delicious fatigue, when she saw the dude staring at her.

Great, she thought. Bet you can’t outrun me, loser.

He didn’t try to …

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Jan 31 2022
fiction // 825 words // 4 min read // comments

Author’s Note: Originally posted as a set of Twitter threads. Collected here for your reading pleasure.



The lines of brainslaves repeating in their flat, depersonalized voices made it hard to focus as you snuck among them.

You had to hurry. Not only to avoid succumbing to the …

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Jan 28 2022
fiction // 833 words // 4 min read // comments

It wasn’t fair. Her head was so fuzzy, and she couldn’t get off her knees, and she was naked. And the air on her sensitive body was distracting and the collar around her neck was distracting and she couldn’t take her eyes off Scot’s dick as …

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Tweet 1481691327771262977

Jan 13 2022
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The thrall-march seemed endless.

Shackled at the rear of the company, every clank of the chains on your wrists and ankles made your head droop.

You wished you could sink back into the training sleep, though it meant being less person and more thrall upon awakening.

The Broken Plain was …

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You Poor Thing

Sep 23 2020
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You poor thing.

Under hypnotic bodylock right next to your friend.

Unable to touch them. More to the point, unable to touch yourself.

Even though, if you could, you'd be squirming and moaning with pleasure right now.

The toys torturing your helpless bodies have plenty of battery.

Your mind will …

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Sep 4 2020
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I've been rather in love with my metronome lately.

It's such a compelling hypnotic focus.

Of course, you can be hypnotized by practically anything...

But something about that simple, affectless, relentless tone...

Tick... Tick... Tick... Tick...

It's so easy to focus and fixate on.

The arm sweeps back and forth …

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Tweet 1295434657165582337

Aug 17 2020
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"Rough day?"

"Yeah... brain's just scattered. Having a hard time focusing, you know?"

"Sure, I hear you. Poor thing. Lemme rub your shoulders..."

"Mmm, thank you. Feels nice."

"Just take a deep breath.

"That's right, and let it out. Good."

"I'm feeling better already."

"Good! I know you are. But …

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Tweet 1290440102418808836

Aug 4 2020
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"Good boys don't think," she said, "good boys just sink."

Normally, such a silly, simple rhyme wouldn't have hit you as hard as it did.

But you were already stroking your cock.

On your knees.

Had she told you to do that?

It just felt natural.

And it felt SO …

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Deep Deep Down

Jul 30 2020
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"You're exaggerating!"

"And you're adorable. Putting up a brave front, like you could resist for even a moment."

"You haven't fucked my head up THAT much..."

"No? What are you, deep deep down?"

"I'm your brainwashed fucktoy—no! I mean..."

"Oh, cutie..."

"You think covering your mouth will help?"

"I …

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Tweet 1286843747100049410

Jul 25 2020
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Microfic: The "Device" was really just a Fleshlight attached to a motorized arm that thrust forward and retracted. That, and a laptop propped on a shelf, web browser open to a GIF of a spiral. Noise-canceling headphones playing a simple mantra over a canned binaural beat.

But the power of …

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Jul 18 2020
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"What's wrong?"

"Well... I'm on my knees..."

"That's true."

"I'm naked."

"Mmhmm, I can see that."

"I'm holding up your pocket watch..."


"I don't remember how I got like this..."

"That's ok. What else?"

"I can't... look away... from the watch."

"No, you can't."

"I can't... can't resist..."

"That's …

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It Goes to 11

Jul 11 2020
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When he snapped her wrist restraints into place, locked to the cuffs around her thighs, it finally struck her how real this was.

“You okay, baby? You gasped.”

She squirmed, basking in helplessness. And nodded.

Next came the spreader bar. The metal was cold around her bare ankles, but soon …

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May 7 2020
fiction // 910 words // 4 min read // comments

Author’s Note: Remember this old manip on the Collective where the viewer was supposedly looking through a keyhole at a beautiful woman swinging a pocketwatch? Well, you’d need to set the story in an old house, or something, for there to actually be a keyhole to peer through …

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Mirror, Mirror

Apr 28 2020
fiction // 1,265 words // 6 min read // comments

Inspired by this delightful photomanip by @scifiscribbler

She was disoriented, confused. But you could hardly blame her: waking up in a strange bed, in a strange bedroom… that’d confuse anybody.

She stretched out under the covers, trying to get her bearings. Her head felt fuzzy, more like she was …

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Mar 30 2020
fiction // comments

Author’s Note: I’ll go ahead and leave the inspiration for this story to your imagination. 🙄

She heard the first throb of the subwoofer through the wall, and Erica glanced at her phone. Yup, 10:00 PM, just like every night. Just like every night, she was trying to …

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Writer Unblocked

Jan 5 2020
fiction // comments

Author’s Note: I’m gonna let you in on a little secret: when you can’t think of anything else to write… Write about how you can’t think of anything else to write.

Works every time. 😘

“It sucks.”

“What sucks, babe?”

“It’s like, almost nine already… and …

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Active Listening

Dec 13 2019
fiction // comments

"I need to warn you."


"I'm finding it hard to... I..."

"It's okay, go ahead."

"I can't think."

"You can't think."

"Y-yeah. I can't think."

"I see. That's okay. You don't have to think."

"I don't have to think."

"That's right. Is there... anything else you want to tell …

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For That Matter, What Does ‘Fuckdoll’ Even Mean?

Feb 24 2019
fiction // 851 words // 4 min read // comments

Author’s Note: I’m into mind-control. People being controlled. I don’t think they belong that way, it’s just a fantasy. So “<gender> is inferior” kink, for any value of <gender>, doesn’t typically get me off. Nonetheless, the idea of people being turned into sex objects does …

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They Were Calling Her Back to the Shore

Feb 19 2016
sywbb // comments

They were calling her, back to the shore.

She had almost escaped. She’d made it further than she’d let herself imagine, almost to the water’s edge. Almost to the deep, black bliss of freedom.

They were calling her, the voices they’d installed in her head.

The …

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