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Aug 23 2020
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"we can't think... we can't resist... we can't escape..."

"Very good. Both on your knees now, hands behind your heads. Lost in each others' eyes. Helpless, programmed puppets."

"we can't think... we can't resist... we can't escape..."

"You're not even sure whose voices you're hearing now. But you know every …

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Aug 22 2020
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"Isn't she beautiful?"

"Yes... s-she's very beautiful."

"And you can see she's so deeply hypnotized."

"Y-yes. Yes, she is..."

"Totally mindless. Blissfully blank."

"I can... mmm, I can see that."

"She's posed, on her knees, simply for my pleasure."


"She can't even hear us right now. But with a …

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May 7 2020
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Author’s Note: Remember this old manip on the Collective where the viewer was supposedly looking through a keyhole at a beautiful woman swinging a pocketwatch? Well, you’d need to set the story in an old house, or something, for there to actually be a keyhole to peer through …

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