May 7 2020
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Author’s Note: Remember this old manip on the Collective where the viewer was supposedly looking through a keyhole at a beautiful woman swinging a pocketwatch? Well, you’d need to set the story in an old house, or something, for there to actually be a keyhole to peer through, but I love the idea of someone eavesdropping on a hypnosis session and being hypnotized themselves, so…

Alec was sure they were up to no good in there, Marcie and her “date”. He’d only seen his roommate for a few seconds since she got home, hurriedly introduced Roman, and led the tall, handsome man by the hand into her room, shutting the door behind her. Roman had merely nodded at Alec, and Alec hadn’t liked the confident, knowing look on his face, as though it said, “You live with this pretty young thing every day, but I’m the one that gets to fuck her tonight.”

It’s possible Alec was projecting, but he didn’t like the guy right away. And the thing was, maybe half an hour after they’d gone in there, he didn’t hear any of the sounds he’d expected to hear. They’d both brought dates home before, and it was just a sort of unspoken shared-apartment rule that you didn’t mention the sounds you heard the other person and their partner making, you just grinned and bore it.

But the only sounds Alec heard coming from Marcie’s room were the sonorous sound of the older man’s voice, and Marcie’s occasional, murmured replies. The walls of the old place were just thick enough he couldn’t make out the words being said, but it seemed odd that Roman was going on and on, as though conducting a lecture, and Marcie’s tone of voice was sing-song and strange.

Alec knew he shouldn’t, but after an hour he couldn’t help it: he knelt down in front of Marcie’s door, and looked through the keyhole. It was part of the “character” of the shared rooms that they had big brass doorplates with classically-shaped keyholes, even though the keys had been left behind in the 1910s somewhere. With his face pressed (carefully, quietly) right up against the doorplate and one eye closed, he could see a certain part of the room.

And he was lucky, because Marcie and Roman were standing right in the sliver available to him, and he had to bite his lip at the sight. Roman had his trousers around his ankles, and a thick, throbbing erection that Marcie, naked, was eagerly swallowing. She was on her knees, and he was patting and stroking her head possessively as she sucked, and now that Alec’s head was next to the thin material of the door, he could hear what Roman was saying.

“…a very good girl, completely focused on my cock. You see nothing but my cock. You have no thoughts but my cock, you simply must suck my cock…”

His voice had a sort of urgent, mechanical cadence that was dizzying to listen to, and, as he watched, Alec realized Marcie was bobbing her head, taking the dick in and out of her mouth, in perfect rhythm with the words. It was fascinating—and arousing—to watch. Alec felt a giddy, guilty thrill at being able to stare at Marcie’s flushed, naked body. She had a hand between her legs, and Alec realized he did, too, as he watched her lavish all her attention on Roman’s beautiful cock.

Roman pulled out of Marcie’s mouth for a moment, holding her head in place as he wiggled the shiny tip of his dick before her wide eyes. She followed it, a thin line of drool dripping from her mouth, as though mesmerized. Alec’s eyes followed it, too. Roman was still speaking, and Alec and Marcie were both staring and stroking, the older man’s words slipping past their conscious minds and wrapping them more and more tightly in his spell. No one knew, of course, that Alec had been caught alongside his roommate. He couldn’t look away, and couldn’t seem to feel worried—there was only a hazy fog of pleasure as he stroked his will away to the sound of Roman’s words, and the sight of Roman’s cock.

And then, Roman told Marcie to cum. She shuddered and moaned and, on the other side of the door, Alec did, too. Roman’s voice went abruptly silent, though Marcie just swayed dizzily on her knees, oblivious to anything but the cock still swinging gently before her eyes.

Now Alec saw that cock, and the man attached to it, turn towards the door, coming closer and closer, yet all he could do was keep staring through the keyhole. His hand remained wrapped around his own member, and it didn’t occur to him to move until the door opened, and he found Roman’s cock dangling right in front of his face. His eyes widened, and his mouth moved silently at the nearness of the hypnotic focus; he saw nothing else as Roman looked down at him.

“Spying on your roomie? What a naughty boy. What have you got to say for yourself?”

“I, uhhh…” was all Alec could manage. His mouth was slack, watering, as he stared at Roman’s cock, swaying gently side to side. He remembered Marcie, bobbing her head obediently, and the intense fog of pleasure closed more tightly around his mind.

“Well, then,” Roman said, patting Alec on the head. “At least you’re already on your knees…”

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