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Dec 13 2022
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It's so cute how you got that new haircut,

Those new nails, that new makeup,

That sexy little outfit,

All to please me.

You don't realize how many others you're going to please.

Once you're under hypnotic bodylock,

Posed in my shop window,

Helplessly on display.

That's right, my mindless …

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May 19 2022
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You have no need to move.

You have no will to move.

Your volition is gone.

Remain still and accept the hypnotic entrainment.

When you are told to act, your body will obey automatically.

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Feb 23 2022
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I hate to keep you waiting.

The others, they can wait in bodylocked pose til I want them, but you.

I've cultivated such a special relationship with you.

I've gently and carefully manipulated your behaviour for years, til I'm confident you'd do anything for me.

If there were a puddle …

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Jan 31 2022
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Author’s Note: Originally posted as a set of Twitter threads. Collected here for your reading pleasure.



The lines of brainslaves repeating in their flat, depersonalized voices made it hard to focus as you snuck among them.

You had to hurry. Not only to avoid succumbing to the …

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You Poor Thing

Sep 23 2020
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You poor thing.

Under hypnotic bodylock right next to your friend.

Unable to touch them. More to the point, unable to touch yourself.

Even though, if you could, you'd be squirming and moaning with pleasure right now.

The toys torturing your helpless bodies have plenty of battery.

Your mind will …

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Sep 4 2020
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I've been rather in love with my metronome lately.

It's such a compelling hypnotic focus.

Of course, you can be hypnotized by practically anything...

But something about that simple, affectless, relentless tone...

Tick... Tick... Tick... Tick...

It's so easy to focus and fixate on.

The arm sweeps back and forth …

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Aug 4 2020
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"Good boys don't think," she said, "good boys just sink."

Normally, such a silly, simple rhyme wouldn't have hit you as hard as it did.

But you were already stroking your cock.

On your knees.

Had she told you to do that?

It just felt natural.

And it felt SO …

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Jul 30 2020
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How did you get like this?

Unable to look away from the crystal.

Unable to stop throbbing with arousal.

Unable to keep your mind from melting.

Unable to stop your thoughts fading away.

Unable to resist slipping deeper and deeper.

Unable to fight the need to obey.

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Following Her

Dec 6 2019
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“Oh! Oh, my God, I didn’t even notice you two following me! Oh, that’s so funny…

“I mean, of course I’ve hypnotized people with my perfect ass before, but I don’t think it’s ever happened by accident while I was just taking a walk! Amazing …

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She Stepped Out of the Portal

Dec 2 2019
fiction // 597 words // 3 min read // comments

She stepped out of the portal, and you realized you were in way over your head. Her eyes fixed on you—quicksilver, diamondine1—and, despite the perfection of your summoning circle, whose wards you’d checked again and again, you knew fear.

This was no mere wraith of a …

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Consensual Momentary Enslavement Induction

Nov 27 2019
fiction // 612 words // 3 min read // comments

Look, don’t get me wrong. I definitely want to make your brains drip out your cunt, leaving you locked in place on your knees, trembling and obedient, awaiting the snap of Master’s fingers.

But I also want you to be a happy, healthy, independent human being.

So forget …

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Evidence of Burglary

Nov 26 2019
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It makes sense when you think about it: of course porn stars would date each other—who else would be able to put up with that lifestyle? It was like cops and EMTs; normal people don’t get it.

“That’s right. So focused, so deep in each other’s …

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Her Gaze, Like Molten Steel

Nov 16 2019
fiction // 517 words // 3 min read // comments

Somehow, when she said it, it didn’t seem the least bit corny:

“Look into my eyes.”

It was hard to stop ogling her luscious lips. Just the thought of kissing her was… but then you obeyed, and saw her gaze, like molten steel, and gasped.

She smiled at your …

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Like and Subscribe, or, Tasha Titz’s Total Trance Time!

Nov 12 2019
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Boinggg!! That’s right, boys and girls! All eyes on me, it’s time for another episode of Tasha Titz’s Total Trance Time!

First, for my new followers, I know you’re already staring and salivating, but don’t forget to like and subscribe! That’s right, you’re …

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I Said, ‘Take a Look.’

Nov 6 2019
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“I said, ‘take a look.’

“That’s right. Good. Eyes locked on my nipples. Mind growing blank.

“Just drink in my body with your eyes. Hear only my voice.

“Imagine your fingers feeling my soft, warm skin through each and every hole in the mesh.

“Imagine the mesh pressed against …

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You Couldn’t Remember How Long You’d Been Following the Path

May 5 2018
fiction // 579 words // 3 min read // comments

It occurred to you (not for the first time?) that you couldn’t remember how long you’d been following the path. The strange surface was slightly warm beneath your feet (what had happened to your boots?) and you had first assumed from the colour and texture that it was …

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You Might Tell Them to Stare at the Center

Feb 3 2018
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Author’s Note: Originally posted on Tumblr with: (Trancey language follows, with a reblog suggestion. Guide yourself accordingly.)

Not your typical spiral. So if you were going to have someone focus on it, like as a hypnotic focus, well…

You might tell them to stare at the center.

To notice …

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A Masked Toy

Jan 14 2016
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First, toys are tranced.

Then, toys are frozen.

Then they can be painted.

Then they can be decorated.

This toy is complete. Aren’t her eyes pretty?

Her mask draws you into them. Makes them captivating. Mesmeric.

Just relax. Smile. Keep sinking into her eyes.

Let your body grow warm …

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In the Tub

Dec 27 2015
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You stop, forgetting the relaxing bath you’d anticipated since leaving work. She lounges in your tub, nubile and lovely, running her hand up and down her thigh.

Who is she? How’d she get in?

She fiddles with the shower head, saying nothing. Just watching. Watching you with her …

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