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The Instructress

Feb 24 2023
fiction // 9,312 words // 40 min read // comments

Mateo wants to hire a fitness instructor to bring new clients to his gym. Kalista comes highly recommended, and she wastes no time showing Mateo how good it feels to follow all her instructions.

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Brooke's Detour

Dec 10 2019
fiction // comments

They’d noticed her at the gym.

They’d said, “We love your look—how’d you like to be a model?”

Brooke thought, “This kind of thing only happens in the movies”.

They’d said, “Come back to our place, we want to take some pictures.”

She’d showered …

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Following Her

Dec 6 2019
fiction // comments

“Oh! Oh, my God, I didn’t even notice you two following me! Oh, that’s so funny…

“I mean, of course I’ve hypnotized people with my perfect ass before, but I don’t think it’s ever happened by accident while I was just taking a walk! Amazing …

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