They’d noticed her at the gym.

They’d said, “We love your look—how’d you like to be a model?”

Brooke thought, “This kind of thing only happens in the movies”.

They’d said, “Come back to our place, we want to take some pictures.”

She’d showered and joined them. The woman sat with her in the back of the Mercedes. The man drove.

The woman said, “You must be tired after that workout!”

Brooke was tired.

The woman said, “It’s a bit of a drive, you should just relax.”

Brooke liked her soothing voice. She wanted to relax.

The woman said, “That’s right, just slump into the seat. Isn’t it comfy?”

The seat was comfy.

The woman said, “Good girl, going deeper and deeper as the gentle motion of the car soothes you into sleep.”

Brooke didn’t know what else the woman said. Someone snapped their fingers, and her eyes popped open.

They were in an elevator.

They said, “You feel so good right now, don’t you?”

Brooke nodded.

They said, “So open and carefree.”

Brooke giggled.

They said, “So sexy and submissive.”

Brooke bit her lip.

The woman kissed her. The man touched her. She felt his hard-on pressing against her ass and wondered if they were gonna fuck right here in the elevator.

Brooke thought that sounded great.

They took her to their penthouse and told her to kneel on the bed.

Brooke knelt.

They said, “It’s time to go deeper now, just look at the pendant.”

Brooke stared and felt her fuzzy head get even fuzzier.

They said, “You’re going to be a good slut for us, aren’t you?”

Brooke nodded and felt her wet pussy get even wetter.

They said, “Let’s get started. Take off your bra.”

Brooke smiled as her will went to sleep.

They said, “You belong to us now.”

Brooke did.