Following Her

Dec 6 2019
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“Oh! Oh, my God, I didn’t even notice you two following me! Oh, that’s so funny…

“I mean, of course I’ve hypnotized people with my perfect ass before, but I don’t think it’s ever happened by accident while I was just taking a walk! Amazing!

“And you’re a couple, no less! That’s so cute, the way you’re still holding hands, even though you’ve just been following me like zombies, watching my hips sway back and forth, my sexy thighs and my juicy ass flexing and wiggling and putting you into a deep, horny trance… or pair of trances, I guess!

“And even though you really just want to get on your knees and kiss and nibble on all my soft, firm curves, you can’t help following me, one foot in front of the other, every step taking you deeper and deeper into hypnosis until you can’t even remember where you were originally going, can you?

“No, of course not, it’s so unimportant. Nothing else matters when you’re under my spell, completely mesmerized by my beautiful body.

“Well, I have good news! We’re almost at my place, so you two silly lovebirds just let your minds go deeper into sleep, and follow my sexy ass to my condo, were you can finally relax… and serve your Mistress properly.

“Oh, and try not to drool until we get inside, ok? And no cumming until I command. Good pets! Now, off we go…”

Author’s Note: Astute readers might be asking themselves, “Is this woman with the bewitching behind actually the mighty Kalista, the eponymous Instructress?”

It’s possible. Just follow her... a little... further... and perhaps you’ll find out. 🤭

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