Evidence of Burglary

Nov 26 2019
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It makes sense when you think about it: of course porn stars would date each other—who else would be able to put up with that lifestyle? It was like cops and EMTs; normal people don’t get it.

“That’s right. So focused, so deep in each other’s eyes, now. So deep in the pleasure. All that matters is the pleasure.

“Don’t stop.

“Can’t stop.

“Good pets.”

But I had no idea who lived there when I knocked on the door. I’d done every condo in the block in broad daylight with my little trick—knock on the door, it opens, I draw their attention to the strange amulet dangling over my cleavage, a few soft words, their eyelids flutter, and—BAM! I make off with the goods.

“Losing yourself in each other’s eyes. Losing yourself in each other’s bodies. Losing yourself in pleasure.

“Deeper for me, now.


“So deep into pleasure you have no thoughts at all.”

Sure, couples were harder. You can’t spend more than a minute working over the one who answers the door before the other gets curious. But they’d fall under my spell just as easily.

When he answered the door, I thought, “This is my lucky day.” But then she comes to see what the fuss is about, and—Christ Almighty, how could I help it? I mean, look at these fuckers!

“So helplessly lost in pleasure. It feels so good. Being helpess feels good. Being mine feels good. Obeying me feels so, so good.

“You must obey me.

“You will obey.

“You exist only to obey, don’t you?

“Say it, pets.”

“We exist… only… to obey… Mistress…”

I mean, come on! Admit it: if you had these two perfect specimens hypnotized into your playthings, you’d do the same, right? Get the whole thing on video, before you got naked and had them spend the rest of the night demonstrating their craft on you?

Don’t look at me like that, all self-righteous. Anyone would’ve taken advantage.

That’s right, don’t give me that look. Look at this, instead.

Isn’t it strange? So pretty. So… fascinating.

That’s right. Look.

Just listen to my voice, and I’ll tell you an even more interesting and sexy story…

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