Author’s note: Originally posted on Tumblr with: (Trancey language follows, with a reblog suggestion. Guide yourself accordingly.)

Not your typical spiral. So if you were going to have someone focus on it, like as a hypnotic focus, well…

You might tell them to stare at the center.

To notice, as the rings swell and pulse, gently

How there’s this limit

How none of the rings,

Red, yellow, blue, green,

Ever quite cross that invisible threshold around the center

The center remains still,



Watch the center, and relax

Watch as it remains




As the rings slowly pulse and flow

As the colours move in gentle,

Almost lazy patterns

Around the center

So still

So empty

So blank

Sink deep into the center

As the colours shift and swell

And obey their threshold, never crossing

Never intruding into the center

The still



Center. Are you still staring?

Deep, deep into the center

You might find you’ve become

So still

So empty

So blank

As you stare into the center

And if that’s how you’ve begun to feel,

You can reblog this image, and add

“I am still. I am empty. I am blank.”

To share the pleasant, soothing sensation

Of a still, relaxed body

Of an empty, enchanted mind

Of a blank, hypnotised gaze

And you can enjoy that sensation for as long as you like,

Waiting until you’re ready to read the upcoming awakener

Remaining still

Remaining empty

Remaining blank

Until it’s time to awaken, gently, easily, and completely, now.

Waking up now. Stretching, smiling, enjoying. You’ve done so well.