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Sep 4 2020
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I've been rather in love with my metronome lately.

It's such a compelling hypnotic focus.

Of course, you can be hypnotized by practically anything...

But something about that simple, affectless, relentless tone...

Tick... Tick... Tick... Tick...

It's so easy to focus and fixate on.

The arm sweeps back and forth …

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Don’t You Think?

Dec 28 2019
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(Warning: trancey language follows.)

I recommend the following leading question for hypnotic play:

“…don’t you think?”

This is a fascinating spiral, don’t you think?

The eyes of the girl in the mirror look so sleepy, don’t you think?

It’s far too much work to move a …

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Tired Eyes Make a Tired Mind

Dec 11 2019
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“It’s hard to focus when it’s so close!”

“Don’t worry, silly. The point isn’t to focus, the point is to make your eyes tired.”

“Why are my eyes supposed to be tired?”

“Because tired eyes make a tired mind.”

“If you say so…”

“It’s not …

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Consensual Momentary Enslavement Induction

Nov 27 2019
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Look, don’t get me wrong. I definitely want to make your brains drip out your cunt, leaving you locked in place on your knees, trembling and obedient, awaiting the snap of Master’s fingers.

But I also want you to be a happy, healthy, independent human being.

So forget …

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I Know Her Tits Are Distracting, But...

Jan 19 2019
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I know her tits are distracting, but

What I want you to focus on is how she rotates her hips

Around and around,

Back and forth


The words? Don't worry about that.

Let them fade. Let everything fade.

Trust that your mind is taking in everything important

While you …

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You Might Tell Them to Stare at the Center

Feb 3 2018
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Author’s Note: Originally posted on Tumblr with: (Trancey language follows, with a reblog suggestion. Guide yourself accordingly.)

Not your typical spiral. So if you were going to have someone focus on it, like as a hypnotic focus, well…

You might tell them to stare at the center.

To notice …

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