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Tired Eyes Make a Tired Mind

Dec 11 2019
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“It’s hard to focus when it’s so close!”

“Don’t worry, silly. The point isn’t to focus, the point is to make your eyes tired.”

“Why are my eyes supposed to be tired?”

“Because tired eyes make a tired mind.”

“If you say so…”

“It’s not …

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Her Gaze, Like Molten Steel

Nov 16 2019
fiction // 517 words // 3 min read // comments

Somehow, when she said it, it didn’t seem the least bit corny:

“Look into my eyes.”

It was hard to stop ogling her luscious lips. Just the thought of kissing her was… but then you obeyed, and saw her gaze, like molten steel, and gasped.

She smiled at your …

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They Aren't a Cult

Sep 6 2015
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“They aren’t a cult.”

Quinn sounded so matter-of-fact about it. She always did these days; I seemed to be the crazy one, the unreasonable one, always losing my shit. Screaming, sobbing, accusing her new “friends” of changing her, somehow, brainwashing her, for some inscrutable purpose.

It sounded crazy. I …

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They’d Called It Club Emerald

Sep 5 2015
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They’d called it Club Emerald. It had been cute, just the three of them: Erica, Janey, and Reese. Friends since grade school, when it was easy to make friends for silly reasons like you all had the same colour eyes. Beautiful, haunting green eyes that followed Reese long after …

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She Hadn’t Meant to Barge In...

Apr 11 2015
fiction // comments

She hadn’t meant to barge in. But the party was so noisy, and so boring, and she’d had too much to drink... She needed quiet, just for a moment, so she had run upstairs—to the extent you could run in heels on over-plush carpet—and didn’t …

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