They’d Called It Club Emerald

Sep 5 2015
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They’d called it Club Emerald. It had been cute, just the three of them: Erica, Janey, and Reese. Friends since grade school, when it was easy to make friends for silly reasons like you all had the same colour eyes. Beautiful, haunting green eyes that followed Reese long after school was over, after they’d headed to the corners of the country—and, for Janey, the world—to pursue whatever was next. And although Reese had gone to college, and found herself, and had a string of other lovers, and even learned to hypnotize the willing ones into her devoted, obedient pets, she’d never forgotten Club Emerald.

She found them again through Facebook, and they agreed to meet on the West Coast, where Erica was doing her Master’s. Reese flew in from Boston, Erica picked her up, and they both waited in the International Terminal for Janey’s long-haul flight from Reykjavík. And when they’d met, and hugged, (and Janey had slept for ten hours straight), and put a couple bottles of wine behind them, Reese said, “So. Club Emerald!” And the girls all cheered.

And Reese said, “Janey. Erica. Come close for a second, okay? I want you to just look into my eyes...”

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