She Hadn’t Meant to Barge In...

Apr 11 2015
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She hadn’t meant to barge in. But the party was so noisy, and so boring, and she’d had too much to drink... She needed quiet, just for a moment, so she had run upstairs—to the extent you could run in heels on over-plush carpet—and didn’t even think to knock. She just swung the door open, and...

They both kept kissing for a moment. The wet sound, the low moans remained in her head as their heads turned in unison to look at her. The brunette’s eyes were doe-like, unfocused, the blonde’s stare was icy blue, hot with lust and... something else. The brunette’s eyes seemed almost to plead, and the blonde’s to dare.

Then the blonde turned the brunette’s face gently back and they locked their lips together again. All while she just... stood there. Realized her mouth was hanging open, like an idiot, like a high-school freshman, like she’d never seen two gorgeous women losing themselves in each other before. The dress sliding up the blonde’s perfect thighs, she could imagine herself the brunette kneeling between them, slowly, looking up, anticipation on both their faces, before she...

Christ, why was she still standing there? Give them some privacy, for fucksake, but... she... couldn’t seem to pull her hand away from her panties. Somehow, she knew the girls didn’t mind her there. Watching.

Somehow, she knew, something in those eyes, blank and black, blue and burning, somehow she knew... she was next.

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