Boinggg!! That’s right, boys and girls! All eyes on me, it’s time for another episode of Tasha Titz’s Total Trance Time!

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Now, just watch my pert, perfect boobs bounce while I make my nipples all nice and pink and suckable. Don’t you just wish you were pressed between these as tightly as my glittering, distracting necklace?

Uh-uh-uh, no time to fixate on the necklace, just let your eyes flow dowwwwwwn my perfect body and watch my hips sway to one side… and the other. Back… and forth. That’s right! Let all those useless thoughts drain out of your pretty little heads as the shiny strings on my sexy lingerie draw you even deeper into the irresistible spell of my body!

Now, quick! Eyes back on my tits! Boinggg! That’s right, I know these are what you really want, nod your empty heads for Tasha, gooooood pets.

And back down to my hips… up and down, back and forth, too confused by my instructions and too bamboozled by my body to let your conscious minds get in the way of obeying Tasha’s orders! I make it sooooo easy on you, don’t I? You just stare at your perfect goddess and do what she says, and every video it gets easier and easier to surrender to Tasha’s unbreakable trance!

Soon you won’t have any will of your own left at all!

Thaaaaaat’s right, back to my tits now, just watch… boinggg! I can see you drooling right through your screen! That’s okay, you just keep letting the idea of my stiff, sweet nipples in your warm, wet mouth dominate all your thoughts, while I have a nice long conversation with the deep part of your minds. It’s time to learn about my special, private channel, for properly-programmed puppets only!

It’s very expensive… but I’m sure you’ll find that you just can’t say no! Isn’t that right? Good little Tasha-bots. Keep nodding your heads. Now, just click right here…