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Dec 13 2022
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It's so cute how you got that new haircut,

Those new nails, that new makeup,

That sexy little outfit,

All to please me.

You don't realize how many others you're going to please.

Once you're under hypnotic bodylock,

Posed in my shop window,

Helplessly on display.

That's right, my mindless …

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May 19 2022
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You have no need to move.

You have no will to move.

Your volition is gone.

Remain still and accept the hypnotic entrainment.

When you are told to act, your body will obey automatically.

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Feb 23 2022
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I hate to keep you waiting.

The others, they can wait in bodylocked pose til I want them, but you.

I've cultivated such a special relationship with you.

I've gently and carefully manipulated your behaviour for years, til I'm confident you'd do anything for me.

If there were a puddle …

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Sticky Notes

Jun 29 2020
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“Don’t you dare!”

It was too late, though; Miranda was already running out the bedroom with a giggle, and Stephen could only enjoy the site of her shapely back as she bounced away from him. He was tangled in the sheets—and still erect from their teasing play—and …

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Frozen in the Act of Forgetting

Jan 4 2016
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Found frozen in the act of forgetting

Posed and pretty

Plastic and perfect

This could be you

And it will be.

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your pose for the day doll arms locked in place

Dec 24 2015
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Your pose for the day, doll.

Arms locked in place.
Frozen on your knees.
Eyes staring upward.
Tits exposed and ready.
Mouth open and eager.

Even the sound of your earrings, jingling as he uses you,
is louder than your thoughts.

Via @alyssam223 - Source

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