The trigger was so strong it took her before she could even sit down.

Sitting down would have been a blessing after all day in the stilettos, but she had dressed without thinking and looked in the mirror and almost came with how sexy she looked, how on-display, how perfectly her body was made and presented to please anyone who looked at her.

She’d started watching the videos to increase her self-esteem, hadn’t she? It had been so long now… six months? A year? Two? She couldn’t remember. In fact, she couldn’t remember the name of the woman who’d suggested them, even though she vaguely remembered that person being her BFF. She’d been employed back then, she was pretty sure…

She leaned heavily against the back of the chair, squeezing her thighs together. Just the thought of sitting down, spreading her legs, and letting her mind drip from her lips was overpowering. The screen in front of the chair was dark, but her mind was imprinted with the thousands of pulsing, hypnotic patterns she’d watched on it, night after night after night long after she couldn’t remember how to stop.

That was a funny thought, she realized, and chewed on her lip. What was “stop”? Was that something she’d wanted to… do?

All her thoughts were so hazy. It was the videos that did it, she was pretty sure. Even just the memory of watching them and listening to the strange rhythmic sounds that were kind of like voices she didn’t need to understand was disorienting, but there was this stray thread of thought sticking out like a bright red thread against her black fetishy clothes, and she couldn’t help tugging at it.

The videos. She hadn’t always watched them, right? Like, this was a still a pretty recent thing, so shouldn’t she probably remember what she did with her evenings before? There was a YouTube playlist of them, but once she’d finished that, they started getting emailed to her, new ones every night and she’d come home from—where?—looking forward to opening the next one, and sitting in front of her big screen where she’d cast the video and spread her legs, and… and… wait, where had she been coming home from?

She would… she’d sit down, just like she was doing now. Her legs would be spread wide, just like they were now, up on tiptoe because of her sexy heels she had to wear every day because nothing was more important than looking sexy for… wait, she’d been thinking about… how she used to come home and watch the videos and spread and touch herself just like she was doing now and she’d get so wet and turned on, her body throbbing in time with the pulse that was playing on the screen, when had the video started? She didn’t remember turning it on, she was trying to remember where she’d come home from when she sat down to watch the screen and listen and play with herself as she sank deeper and deeper into her programming every night, her mind getting smoother and emptier and her memory melting away like an ice sculpture under hot lights, dazzling lights, the lights so bright and she couldn’t remember how to look away.

She didn’t have to look away. She didn’t have to do anything but sit and spread and play and obey, and it was such a relief when she realized that, just like she did every night. She came with a moan, her mind dripping out from between her legs, drooling out from her parted lips and she sank against the uncomfortable chair she didn’t even feel as tonight’s video took her deeper and deeper.