Why was she… dressed like this? It was so hard to think.

“That’s right, up, up over your head. Light as a bird. Floating, drifting, just flying away…”

She felt weird. Dizzy, and, well, sexy. But also like she was half-asleep. She thought she remembered feeling that way a lot, lately, ever since… but it was so hard to think.

“Mmm. Good girl. God, you’re so—so fucking hot. Uhh, now the panties. Just slide them down your legs. Down. Deeper and deeper, that’s right, over your leggings. Down. Deep.”

Why was she naked? She could feel the air kiss the wetness on her pussylips, and the way her thighs slid together as she knelt down felt so… but why were her eyelids so heavy? And her tits, so heavy, and her head, everything so heavy and dreamy and sleepy. And it was so hard to think.

“That’s… ohhh, there. That’s right. Jusssst perfect. Fuck. Such a good girl. My sweet, sleepy slave, just… j-just sucking in your sleep. Deeply asleep. Ohhhh…”

Why had she been asking herself so many questions before? It felt so good to just rub her smooth, slick cunt while she sucked her Master’s cock. Slipping deeper into trance, she let herself forget. After all, it was just so hard to think.