Maria hated cleaning. She’d always hated it, from the time her mother started making her tidy up around the house—“You’re old enough to start contributing around here!”—to when she’d moved out for college and realized if she didn’t keep the dorm room at least a little sane her roommate certainly wasn’t going to—ironically, Claire had gone on to start a maid service start-up after they’d graduated.

After scrubbing for twenty minutes, Maria wasn’t anywhere near done, and she never cleaned her own floor like this, on her hands and knees with nothing but a sponge and no gloves. It was ridiculous, inefficient, and humiliating, but she’d asked if she could use a mop and Carlo had just crossed his arms, said “No,” and nodded at the floor, telling her to get to work.

Maria hated cleaning, but her cunt was already so juicy she could feel the wetness trickling along her thigh towards her stocking-top. She was dying for Carlo to fuck her and she wasn’t even halfway done the kitchen; she didn’t know how she was going to get through the entire house after this.

Maybe he’d go easy on her and just kneel down behind her, grab her hips, and go to town while she kept scrubbing his kitchen floor. She wiggled her bare ass in his direction, hoping to entice him. That earned an amused grunt, and she would have looked over her shoulder with come-hither eyes if she didn’t know that taking her attention away from her chores would earn a good, hard spanking.

A spanking wasn’t what she needed right now. She needed to be fucked.

When she’d apologized for her messy place and Carlo suggested he hypnotize her to be a dutiful (and slutty) little maid, she’d scoffed. But it had sounded like a fun game, and it wasn’t like hypnosis was really gonna do anything to her. And it felt wonderful: lying on the couch in her sweats at the end of a long day, Carlo rubbing her feet with his strong, dextrous fingers and saying relaxing things she couldn’t really remember, didn’t need to remember, in his soft, chocolatey voice. God, he could sound so sexy when he wanted.

And the funny thing was, after a few sessions her apartment was still just as messy, but the urge to come over and dress in this silly, slutty outfit and give Carlo’s house (and Carlo) a thorough going-over was just irresistible.

Maria hated cleaning, but if Carlo could make it feel this fucking good, well, maybe he’d help her learn to love cooking next.