Too Good to Stop

Dec 10 2018
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“Y-you’re right… it feels… ohhhh, too good to stop!” Meghan opened her eyes and tried to focus on Elaine. Tall and tanned with shoulders bare in her bridesmaid’s dress, the other woman had her hands on her hips and the sort of smirk on her lips that the cat would wear when it had the canary cornered. She nodded, slowly, and merely watched.

Meghan’s hand… was it still her hand? It had to be. Elaine wasn’t touching her, she could see that, but at the moment she would swear that the dark-haired vixen was the one with the hand under her skirt, fingers riding around and around as she got wetter and her legs got weaker and her head got… heavier…

“That’s right, Meggy,” Elaine’s voice was almost as husky as Meghan’s as she watched the helpless girl masturbate. “You can’t stop. You can’t think. You can only obey. Remember? I know you do. I explained all this to you before I woke you up.”

“Before…?” Meghan’s head lolled to the side again as she tried to think about when Elaine had woken her up. Had she been asleep? Elaine had found her at the bar, refreshing her beverage before heading back to the boring chatter at the singles’ table. Elaine had suggested they go somewhere quiet and chat, they’d… they’d ordered the same thing to drink, that had been it. And then…

“Poor Leggy Meggy,” Elaine teased her, taking a step closer so she could look down at her pretty, helpless prey, lost in the ecstasy of her post-hypnotic compulsion to play with herself. Soon she’d remember that every circle around her wetter-and-wetter pussy made it harder to think for herself, harder to do anything but whatever Elaine told her to do. Soon she’d remember, but for now… “You can just let go for me, Meggy, and sink into the pleasure. Sink so deeply… you remember how, don’t you? I just showed you…”

“You showed me…” Meghan’s voice was slurring, and not from the open bar. Her eyelids were fluttering as she sank back into the trance her new friend had lulled her into, the deep, peaceful place where nothing mattered but pleasure. “You showed me… how… mmmm… t’ sleep… sleeeeeep…”

Elaine took another step closer, basking in the scent of Meghan’s arousal, and snapped her fingers by the girl’s fluttering eyelids. Her eyes slid shut, and her head drooped, and Meghan moaned as she surrendered completely, fingers still working her clit. She’d forgotten they could do anything else, and would only remember when Elaine told her to stop.

“Good girl, Meggy. Even deeper now… but it’s not time to cum yet.” Elaine hiked her own dress up and straddled Meghan, drawing the hypnotized girl’s face between her thighs. “First you learn how to please me. And forget how to do anything else.”

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