When he snapped her wrist restraints into place, locked to the cuffs around her thighs, it finally struck her how real this was.

“You okay, baby? You gasped.”

She squirmed, basking in helplessness. And nodded.

Next came the spreader bar. The metal was cold around her bare ankles, but soon she didn’t notice. She was too fascinated by the sensation of immobility, of surrender.

She would lie on the bed, spread-legged, until he decided otherwise.

She gasped again as he teased her thighs with his fingers, then with his mouth. Reflexively she tried to close her legs, and couldn’t.

She tried to spread them wider, and couldn’t.

She moaned. Frustrated and soaking wet. He pressed his fingers to her clit.

He didn’t rub. He made her squirm and buck against his hand in a pathetic attempt to get off that made her whine as her cheeks reddened.

His self-satisfied smile only made it worse.

“What’s wrong, baby? Is there something you need?”


“Then ask.”


“That’s good… please what?”

She wriggled her hips to grind against his palm. He drew his hand down her leg and she wanted to scream.

“Pleeease… lemme cum!”

“Oh, is that what you want? Ok, sweetie.”

He turned away, to the bedside table.

He turned back, holding her new toy. He flicked it onto the lowest setting, and it hummed with a promise that was almost menacing.

Her body hummed along with it.

“Let’s see how many times you cum on Level 1.

“If you’re a very good girl, maybe we’ll put it on Level 2.”

He pressed the toy against her, gently at first, teasing, and now she really started squirming. Her hands clenched against her thighs.

“If you’re a really, really good girl, maybe you’ll make it to Level 3. Would you like that?”

It was already too intense to answer.

He didn’t wait to hear her try to speak, though. He touched her lips, then slid two fingers into her mouth. She tried to moan around them as the first orgasm took her.

“Who knows? Maybe we’ll find out what’s left of you after Level 10.”