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Office Houris

Mar 10 2023
fiction // 6,105 words // 26 min read // comments

Dr. Ward is a kind and understanding professor. His door is always open to students who are struggling to follow his challenging coursework. But is all the time they spend in their professor’s office making his students smarter, or dumber?

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The Instructress

Feb 24 2023
fiction // 9,312 words // 40 min read // comments

Mateo wants to hire a fitness instructor to bring new clients to his gym. Kalista comes highly recommended, and she wastes no time showing Mateo how good it feels to follow all her instructions.

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Sun Dreams

Nov 2 2022
fiction // 5,802 words // 25 min read // comments

It’s been way too long since Gemma got her tan on. When her friend invites her to a luxurious resort, it sounds like the perfect thing to help her forget all her troubles.

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Rosa’s a Robot

Jun 15 2022
fiction // 934 words // 4 min read // comments

On her last afternoon of mistaking herself for a human, Rosa was out for a run.

She was five miles in, her legs thrumming with delicious fatigue, when she saw the dude staring at her.

Great, she thought. Bet you can’t outrun me, loser.

He didn’t try to …

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Jan 31 2022
fiction // 825 words // 4 min read // comments

Author’s Note: Originally posted as a set of Twitter threads. Collected here for your reading pleasure.



The lines of brainslaves repeating in their flat, depersonalized voices made it hard to focus as you snuck among them.

You had to hurry. Not only to avoid succumbing to the …

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Mar 30 2020
fiction // comments

Author’s Note: I’ll go ahead and leave the inspiration for this story to your imagination. 🙄

She heard the first throb of the subwoofer through the wall, and Erica glanced at her phone. Yup, 10:00 PM, just like every night. Just like every night, she was trying to …

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It Had Been a Person, Once

Mar 9 2020
fiction // 655 words // 3 min read // comments

Author’s Note: Given how dehumanized the contact lenses and lips make her look, a spooky objectification story seemed most appropriate. As I was writing it, I remembered one of my all-time favourite lines in an MC story, from Community by Tabico, and it gave me my ending. Having read …

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Kallie Blinked as the Cube… Shifted

Dec 13 2018
fiction // 700 words // 3 min read // comments

Author’s Note: Thanks to Kallie, whose reblog and remark inspired this piece. And I have to admit a hat-tip to the unforgettable Tabico’s Sub Routine for influencing the atmosphere and language.

Kallie blinked as the cube… shifted. She’d been working on the strange program for over an …

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